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Your Guide to 2015′s Top Earring Trends

Give it up for the ear, who has been receiving some serious attention in the fashion world. Designers have shaken up their plans for your lobes, and said goodbye to traditional studs and danglys.

Today’s earring trends no longer single out the lobe and exclude cartilage, and the styles of the earrings themselves have evolved so much they can be confusing to the untrained eye. So let’s train them!

Here are the most popular 2015 earring trends explained:

Ear Jackets
The cleverly named “ear jacket” is an earring whose design isn’t limited to the front of the ear. The typical ear jacket usually has a stud that goes through the front of the earring (as usual), but then include an attachment at the back of the earring that dangles below the lobe to add a little something extra to your look.

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While not always called an “ear jacket,” the same front & back concept has inspired many similar styles. For example, Nasty Gal refers to this look as “tunnel earrings,” where the back and front of the earring attach together to form one edgy look.

BUY: Nasty Gal - Tunnel Vision Earrings $20

Ear Cuffs
These babies are a part of every cool-girl’s look, and despite the way it appears, they don’t require a trip to the piercing shop. The cuff style design allows them to be slid onto any part of the ear cartilage- top, middle, bottom.

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Wrap-Around Earring Cuff
Another type of cuff, these wrap all the way around the ear, poking out on one or both sides.

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Ear Crawlers
Pretty self-explanatory, the ear crawler design “crawls” up your ear lobe.

BUY: Bauble Bar - Warm Double Dipper Crawler Set, $42

But not all ear crawlers are created equal. Some aren’t limited to the lobe, and scale the entire ear.

BUY: Erickson Beamon - Temperal Schism Ear Crawler, $190

Ear Chain
The boho-chic ear chain includes a stud for your average earlobe piercing, then connects to a cuff through a chain.

BUY: ASOS - Faux Pearl Chain Drop Cuff, $12

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