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Your 2015 Fashion and Beauty Resolutions

Want 2015 to be your most fashionable and beautiful year yet? Then before heading out to party tonight, add some fashion and beauty promises to your New Year’s Resolution list!

Out with the Old…Makeup and Clothes
First thing is first: go through your closet and be realistic. If you haven’t worn it in a year, if you don’t feel cute in it, if it doesn’t fit properly, then why on earth save it? Toss it and make room for new and improved clothes!

Do the same with your makeup bag, paying attention to their expiration dates. The Beauty Pin has a great chart detailing dates here.

Stop buying 3 shirts you kind-of like just because they’re cheap, and…
buy the 1 quality-made shirt you really love. Because unless you’re buying a really trendy piece that will be out of style next season, it ends up just as expensive to continually replace poorly made staples (that most likely don’t fit as great at the nice one would’ve anyways). Invest in your staples, and save the cheaper options for the trends.

Wear Clothes That Fit
Just because something can make its way onto your body does not mean it fits you. Find out your appropriate sizes, and what types of cuts and styles look best on you. If skinny jeans just don’t do your bod justice, find the cut that does and wear them proud.

Try a New Hair Cut and/or Color
You’ve been doing a variation of the blonde bob since high school. Try something new already! Work with a stylist you trust to help you figure out what would look best on you, and they can even take you there gradually if it’s too much to do at once.

Shop Sales
This sounds like a “duh,” but sign up for emails to know when your favorite stores are having sales, and stock up on staples during these times. For example, buy all the bras and panties you’ll need for the next 6 months during the Victoria Secret semi-annual sale, which will save you from buying full price year-round.

Use Shopping Apps
Use apps to make sure you’re getting the lowest price. Apps like RedLaser let you scan an items barcode while in-store and see competitors prices. If you find a lower one, ask the store to match it.

Invest in Your Skin…Money AND Time
Stop making excuses! Invest in your skin now, and you’ll be thankful later. Prevention ALWAYS trumps trying to reverse damage once it’s done. Visit an esthetician at your local spa if you need help picking out a skincare regime, and then actually follow it. And ladies, it’s almost 2015…if we have to tell you to never go to bed without washing your face, we’re very disappointed in you!

Stress Less and Simplify More
How over-scheduling our lives ever became cool, we don’t know! Stop doing it. Simply your life. Get rid of things, people, and obligations you don’t need. Take more time for yourself and don’t you dare feel guilty about it. Whether bubble baths or exercise is how you de-stress, it doesn’t matter, just do it. And you might be wondering “what does this have to do with fashion & beauty?” Stress totally affects your looks, the proof is here.

Have a safe and happy NYE!

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