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Mia Brazilia Work Hangout

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Does your Sunday morning routine go something like this? Gym. Post sweat-sesh latte at Starbucks. Pick up dry cleaning. Peruse farmers market for fresh flowers and produce for the week. Put gas in the car. Etc, etc, etc….We thought it might be, and we are equal parts stoked and relieved to introduce a stylish solution to keep you looking hot from the gym to errands and beyond!

A Bit of Brazilian

Introducing Mia Brazilia, the fashionably functional workout*hangout apparel for women. An answer to the weekend wardrobe dilemma, Mia Brazilia’s head-turning athletic apparel can be worn from the studio around town. Inspired by the Brazilian free spirit and “Joie de Vivre” attitude, each vibrant outfit is a conversation piece that compliments the figure, making you look good and feel confident all day long. “Brazilian women are not afraid to flaunt their curves. They live in the moment and look effortlessly flawless while doing so. That is REAL fashion,” Kaneta shares.

Perspiration to Inspiration

An undefeated Muay Thai kickboxer and specialist in self-defense, Mia Brazilia founder Kaneta Harmon is no delicate flower. But that didn’t stop her from craving some cute clothes that could take her from the gym to running errands to picking up her daughter, Mia, from school. It was with that simple wish that she created Mia Brazilia. When Kaneta first started designing, she received immense encouragement and feedback from her family and friends. She gave her friends pieces from the collection to try so that they could give her constructive feedback. Marrying the feedback from her friends, her athletic background and personal sense of style, Kaneta found inspiration in motivating women to feel confident and good about themselves, turning to her fashion icons for inspiration. “Our style icon is Audrey Hepburn, also a former ballerina before her acting days,” Shayne McCoy, Director of Sales and Marketing shares, adding, “She is the epitome of effortless beauty and fashion.”

Determined to embrace Hepburn-esque grace and confidence with a modern flare, the first clothing item baring the Mia Brazilia label was the Ballerina Pant, one of the most popular pieces in the line.

Active Threads To Turn Heads

Since the launch of the Ballerina Pant, Mia Brazilia has come a long way. Carrying a wide, eye-catching array of tops, bottoms, wraps, jackets, dresses, skirts and, most recently, swimwear, Mia Brazilia left no stone unturned when developing stylish apparel for the active, fashion-forward female. Mia’s fabric is sweat resistant, lightweight and soft, allowing the body to move naturally with comfort and agility. And they pride themselves on offering women’s apparel that stands out in a sea of black stretch pant, baggy t-shirt clad gym-goers. With vibrant colors like teal and gold, and prints like tie-dye and snakeskin, these are not your mom’s workout clothes. Daring cuts and strategically placed details up the sex appeal ensuring a truly hot workout for the fearless female.

Top sellers in the line include the Halter Top and Two Strap Top, and the Highlight Pant and Butterfly Capri, all available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Where To Purchase

Mia Brazilia is sold in boutiques and in various fitness studios throughout the country. Additionally, everything in the line can be purchased through their website at But for a truly unique shopping experience, Mia Brazilia hosts trunk shows for birthday parties, bridal parties, etc and provide personal customization free of charge. This is a great option for those looking to customize their clothing to make it truly unique.

Find Mia Brazilia at their main location, Passione Boutique in La Jolla, CA.
7760 Fay Avenue Suite D
La Jolla, CA 92037
858 349 5927

Workin’ It

If you live in the San Diego area, you can get up close and personal with the Mia Brazilia team. Private lessons for Cardio Kickboxing and Full-Body Conditioning are available for those seeking sweat.

“Our goal is to apply self-defense into everyday life for self-improvement, self-confidence and self-control,” Kaneta explains.

If you would rather say “Ohm” than “Haya!”, McCoy can be contacted for private yoga lessons in the San Diego and Orange County areas. Mia Brazilia’s addition of yoga is the perfect counter balance to Cardio-Kickboxing because it stretches and strengthens muscles, preventing injury.

“Power Yoga workouts are more demanding and rigorous than your traditional yoga class. The combination of breath to movement allows for a deeper stretch and sweat,” Shayne explains.

Similar to Cardio-Kickboxing, yoga promotes self-esteem. “I truly believe a positive self-outlook is the first step to achieving any weight loss goal,” says Shayne.

Clearly, these fashionistas aren’t afraid to break a sweat, and I guess you can say each piece in the line is muscle tested.

What’s Next For Mia Brazilia

Mia Brazilia has big plans for expansion. From menswear to a collection for kids, this workout wonder company is focused on bringing their mission of workout*hangout apparel to an even wider audience. But don’t just take their word for it that their clothes can stand the heat in your hot yoga class or will garner massive compliments during that Thursday night spin class… Visit their website today and get your Brazilian on! Trust us, you won’t miss your old gym threads!

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