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Women’s Health Mag Editor Amy Keller Laird On Bellies, Twizzlers, and More

Image Source: Erik Tanner/The Coveteur

Call us nosey, but we’re suckers for a good one-on-one interview. And though you know we love beauty and fashion, our favorites often tend to be the health and wellness focused ones, as we find this area one of the most difficult to balance, and even the smallest tip we pick up in an interview can make a huge difference.

So, when it comes to health and fitness interviews, who better to look to than the editor of one of the biggest fitness magazines around, Women’s Health’s Amy Keller Laird (a former beauty editor at Allure, by the way). Follow the link below where Amy talks belly-insecurities, Twizzlers, and her lunch secret that keeps her sane.

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Photos: Erik Tanner/The Coveteur

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