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What HE thinks about your Hairstyle

  • Fashionable hair accessories - Most men feel that women who rock the trends of headbands, feathers and other funky items show that they are artsy and willing to try anything.
  • Knit hair accessories - From a crocheted beanie to a comfy headband, this shows your softer side. You  look inviting and easy going which says a lot about your personality.
  • Long, wavy hair - This defines the law of attraction. Men love hair they can put their hands in, so go for a spiraled curl or beachy waves that is a versatile look whether visiting his family or a date night.  natural hair look
  • Super-long of it. Rapunzel is one thing but super long hair can be another beast that is hard to tame. Men, tend to be brushed off by the floor length mane.
  • A Happy Median. Midlength hair shows your conservative, to the point and grounded. The look is timeless and yet effortless. In all, it is definitely a win, win.
  • Au Natural Hair Texture. Rocking your freshly showered air-dried locks is sexy. It shows that you are relaxed and can roll out of bed, venture to your favorite coffee shop or run an errand with genuine confidence.
  • The Messy Bun. Yes it works for the gym, a casual outing or a quick meal. But if going out, most men would prefer not. Try for a sleek bun or a braided chignon for a fancy evening out.
  • The Low-Down on Super Short. The less is more approach is a keeper for a super short hair. Men like the idea of low maintenance meets hip or trendy. Make sure the cut embraces your face and its best features.
  • The school girl braid. If you want to look girly, innocent and book smart go for a side braid.
  • The updo is smart and savvy. For the ultimate updo that is sleek and tight, try the sock bun.
* Based on online research through blogs and forums.


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