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Washi Tape Magic

Hello again from London! I hope you’re all enjoying the summer months and the sunshine. I’m happy to bring you another craft post and today it’s all about Washi Tape. If you’re not familiar with this tape, it’s a bit like masking tape with patterns. Washi paper was first made in Japan and the tape is a relatively new take on it. I personally really like the fact that it’s delicate yet strong, it’s easily removable from most surfaces, and the matt sheen and slight translucence it has. The tape comes in so many different colours and designs that it can be tough to choose just a few though, so I have gone with a couple of different “themes”.

This post is probably less about complicated crafting and more about being inspired. It’s about turning some very simple glasses bought for a couple of dollars from a charity shop into something pretty and useful. So, if you’re interested in a little washi-tape-magic, please carry on reading.

Here is what I’ve used:

- 3 simple glasses sourced from a charity shop
- 1 large matchbox (the sort that is used in kitchens or for fireplaces)
- Some very cheap and plain paper luggage tags
- Gold metallic spray paint (you can of course use any colour you like)
- A craft/cutting mat
- A tape measure
- A pair of scissors
- A ruler
- A craft knife
- Washi tape - I would suggest as many different designs as possible to give you a choice for the different items. The ones I used are from MT - Masking Tape
- Some old newspaper

And here is what I have done:

- Using the tape measure, measure around the top of one of the glasses. This is to give you an idea of how much tape you will need.
- On one of the glasses wrap a length of tape around the top BEFORE applying the spray paint.
- Now lay out your newspaper and open your windows. If you can do this outside, then I would suggest this to be the safer option.
- Evenly spray the glass as well as the (empty) matchbox and leave to dry.
- You will have to repeat this at least once to evenly cover any writing.
- Once dried, peel the tape of the glass.
- Use a new length of the same tape to cover the clear part of the glass.
- Now, here’s a little trick: If the glass is slightly tapered, make some cuts about 1cm apart into the tape. This will ensure that you can apply it smoothly (slightly overlapping) instead of having lots of wrinkles.
- I have then used a second glass which is a little taller and slimmer and really suitable to store pencils.
- Starting from the top, wrap the tape all the way around it. Repeat immediately underneath until the whole glass is covered.
- For the third glass I chose to apply the tape vertically because it worked so well with the diagonal stripes.
- The matchbox is a very simple but effective little idea to keep small items and trinkets.
- After the spray paint had dried, I simply wrapped a length of tape around each end for an elegant look.
- The luggage tags are a little bonus: Simply apply the tape to the bottom and top of the tags, line up your ruler along the edge and use the craft knife to cut a clean line.
- Repeat the same on the reverse and then simply include your little message. They make lovely little personalised touches to any gift and are far cheaper than ready-bought gift tags.

I decided to use one of the glasses as a tea light holder because of the lovely glow it gives of, one as a small vase and one for pencils and paintbrushes. What would you use the glasses for? Do you have some more great ideas for using Washi Tape? I hope this post has inspired you to do some crafting and experimenting.

Until next time, happy crafting.

Carole xo
Carole Poirot

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