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Get the Look: Twisted Pony

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By: Tawny Pierce
Photos: Allen Carrasco

Create the Au Naturel look with ease! This simple curling technique requires little time and gives a huge pay off. You can expect to have soft, touchable waves that last all day.

All You Need

  • Elastic band/hair tie

Recommended Products

  • ENJOY Shine & Smooth


Apply a nickel size of ENJOY Shine and Smooth to the middle and ends of your hair to bring the life of your curls back. Divide your hair into two equal sections.



Step 1

Take left section and divide into two sections. Twist two sections together cross one side over the other until you reach the ends.

Step 5

Once hair is secured in the elastic band, create a hole at the base of the ponytail.

Step 2

Place twisted hair out way and repeat Step 2 on the right section.

Step 6

Lift pony tail and feed through the hole until the entire ponytail comes through.

Step 3

Take both sections and cross the right over the left and continue to twist over until half way down your hair.

Step 7

Tighten ponytail by separating the hair into two sections (under the hair tie) and pulling outward. Voilà!

Step 4

Place a elastic band (hair tie) around the center of your twisted area.

Pony Up!

Pony up and hit the town!

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