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TV Anchor Trish Regan Talks Camera-Ready Beauty

Of the many words that could be used to describe Trish Regan, charming comes to mind first. With years spent covering some of the nation’s biggest stories as an anchor she’s learned to navigate the tough waters of television - all with a flawless look rivaled only by her on-camera precision. We caught up with Trish as she prepped for the debut of her new show on the FOX Business Network The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan (2PM/ET) to chat about her beauty philosophy, love of drugstore products and how she stays so camera-ready.

What’s your daily skincare routine look like?

Mornings I use a Kiehl’s moisturizer and I try to remember sunscreen. I have a Neutrogena 70 SPF. I know that apparently after 30 it doesn’t matter so much but psychologically I feel better armed with the 70. With very Irish skin I need to be careful in the sun or I’ll get freckles.

I wear a lot of heavy makeup and there are some false lashes involved and you just don’t want to bed with that stuff. For one it will completely ruin your sheets! I use Andrea EyeQ’s found at the Duane Reade drugstore. A lot of the eye makeup I wear is waterproof so I need something oil based to get it off. I have a Neutrogena cleanser then I’ll put on more Kiehl’s. Especially during winter months I like my skin to feel hydrated.

Are you committed to the serums and eye creams as well?

(Sigh) No. I probably should be but I don’t have one that I swear by. I’m always game to try new things but you have to be religious for it to really work. I do use a Kiehl’s eye cream – when I remember to. With three kids and working all the time it’s tough to always be vigilant about a beauty routine.

You’re insanely busy as a working Mom of three. What do they think about Mommy’s beauty routine?

My girls are cute. They love makeup and they love moisturizer. They’re 5 and there is nothing more fun to them than getting into Mommy’s makeup. I’ve come in after having left them alone for a little while to find them with lipstick – red lipstick – covering their entire faces. They’ll look up at me and grin and you can’t help but burst out laughing. I’m probably encouraging them by leaving the makeup lying around. One little girl in particular is really artistic and just loves to play in it. They also love when the makeup comes off because they know it’s their time. I’m all theirs!

Have you ever let them do your makeup?

You know I haven’t but that’s a really good idea. I’m sure they would love it! It would make their week for sure. I’ll have to keep some of that remover handy.

You’ll have to send us photos when you do!

Definitely. You’ve got it!

When does your day begin?

I’m up pretty early, usually around 5:45am. After reading the papers I’ll spend some time with the kids before they’re off to school. Then I’m off to the office where I always wear a little something on my face – a light foundation from Makeup For Ever, little bit of eyeliner, and some MAC Lip Gloss is Prrr – before getting all done up. Being outside of the home I just feel better.

With your years on in front of the camera I imagine there are some quick tricks you’ve pocketed over the years for looking flawless.

Always wear lip-gloss or lipstick for a finished look! I can remember covering Hurricane Katrina at CBS News. You’d be out covering a hurricane and there would be days that you didn’t have running water yet you still had to look pretty great on camera. Makeup and lip-gloss was very much your friend for a finished look with minimal effort. And blush. Definitely blush!

My grandmother could have told you that. She was always a big believer that lipstick and blush were an absolute must. Even when we were kids we’d go over and she’d dab a little blush on our cheeks saying “This is what makes you look healthy” and she was right!

Trade secrets learned from Grandma. How fantastic!

The women in my family have always taken their appearance seriously. My grandmother always wore makeup, same with my mother. I grew up in a culture that expected you to put your best foot forward and part of that was looking your best.

How did pageants come to be?

Well I was a singer and pianist at first, and pageants (singular) folded into that. In fact I could read notes off a keyboard at three before I could actually read. As a kid of 13-14 years old I wanted to be a professional opera singer but I joke that the reality of economics set in later. I learned very quickly there’s just not a lot of demand for opera singers.

After winning Miss New Hampshire I won Miss America’s “Contestant with the Most Promise in the Performing Arts” award. My year at Miss America they were really trying to make it more natural and encouraged all the contestants to do makeup themselves. I took that quite literally and spent the summer learning to do my own makeup with my mom’s friend who is a makeup artist. Later on I found out other contestants had makeup artists in their hotel room!

Do you do your own makeup for the set?

No, we have an amazing, unrivaled makeup team here. They make every anchor and guest look stunning.

How do you keep you hair looking so shiny and thick?

Honestly I love Herbal Essence conditioner and shampoo. I’ve tried all the fancy kinds, some were fine and others I didn’t like. I’ve never noticed the difference and I’m always asking myself why I spent all that money on shampoo?! Also, I have a real aversion to hairspray.

I thought hairspray was a TV must.

Yeah, but not for me! I want my hair to move and be natural. Don’t care if it looks a little messy because I want it to be real. Oh, and teasing I just won’t do. I don’t buy into the idea that hair has to have a shape.

Sounds like you celebrate being natural as much as you can.

Absolutely! You want to look relatable, you want to be real and you want to look your best. I want to be accessible to the viewer. And, by the way you have to spend a lot of time in the chair to look that way when the reality is people don’t really look like that! For the most part, in terms of my looks and personality I try to be as authentic as possible so you get the real Trish Regan.

Trish’s Must-Haves
Foundation - Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover
Blush and highlighter - Benefit’s High Beam and the brightest hot pink blush available at MAC
Mascara - L’oreal Paris Voluminous
Lipstick - MAC Tinted Lipglass in Prrr


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Photos: FOX Business Network

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