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Try This Beyoncé Workout Using 17 GIFS from Her Music Videos

If you said you don’t have at least one Beyoncé track on your workout playlist, we wouldn’t believe you. Not only is her music enough to get anyone’s heart pumping, but her abs are pinned on our inspo boards too. And in case you’ve never seen one of her music videos, they’re all equipped with killed dance moves. There’s actually a dance studio in Manhattan called Broadway Bodies that capitalized on this with a twice-weekly sold-out cardio class called Beyoncé Bodies, where they teach attendees how to replicate her moves, frame by frame. Since the class is sold out, and not every lives in Manhattan, Vogue took the liberty of plunging through B’s videos to turn her toughest dance sequences into a calorie-torching and strengthening fitness routine, one GIF at a time. Follow the link below.

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Photos: Solarpix / PR Photos

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