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The 2016 Spring Shoe Trends You Need To Know

We’ve been so cold we never thought we’d say this, but Spring is just around the corner! Which means the wardrobe transitions are about to take place, one of those being the shoes…the shoes! Ah, we’re loving the upcoming warm

The Best Skincare Products Under $20, Handpicked By The Pros

High price isn’t always synonymous with quality, just as a low price isn’t synonymous with crap. In fact, there are plenty of skincare products that will deliver amazing skin without emptying your wallet – products even skincare experts recommend, like
The Most Common Morning Skincare Mistakes Women Make

The Most Common Morning Skincare Mistakes Women Make

Good morning! Are you doing it wrong? Your A.M. skincare routine, that is. We get that you probably wake up too early to actually use your brain, so flag this page, and when the afternoon rolls around and you’re feeling
What Models Eat For Breakfast (Pictures Included!)

What Models Eat For Breakfast (Pictures Included!)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so finding out what models put down in the morning is an embarrassingly huge priority for us. #SorryNotSorry! And thanks to Instagram, that’s easy. Follow the link below to see what
A Peek Into The Wallets Of Real Women And Their Financial Lives

A Peek Into The Wallets Of Real Women And Their Financial Lives

Ever wonder how your financial habits stack up with other women your age? So do we, and so do the gals at Refinery 29. So they took a peak into real women’s wallets and financial lives, and are sharing the
Olivia Palermo’s Makeup Artist Spills His Skincare Secrets

Olivia Palermo’s Makeup Artist Spills His Skincare Secrets

We’ve always going after Olivia Palermo for her fashion tips and tricks, but in case you haven’t noticed, her beauty game is equally as strong. Think about it – have you ever seen her looking anything less than flawless? Even

10 Of The Most Popular Beauty Products On Pinterest

Pinterest is the holy grail of all things… No, there’s no follow up there – not “of decor” or “of outfit inspo” – it’s the holy grail of all things, and a fantastic gauge of public opinion. Because of that,

Naturally, Chrissy Teigen Has The Chicest Maternity Style EVER

You remember that “duh” folder we filed this into, well here’s another fact that can go in there: Chrissy Teigen has the chicest maternity style ever. Did you expect any less? She’s making us non-pregnant folks look bad, literally and

The New Nail Art Trend That Totally Rocks

Marble ain’t just for countertops anymore, folks. Nope, it’s making its way into accessories (think cell phone covers), decor (think pillows), and now even manicures. Follow the link below to see 16 examples of the hot new nail marble trend

12 Floral Dresses Perfect For Spring

Okay, so we know that last week we were encouraging you to add some cool, non-floral prints to your Spring wardrobe, but that didn’t mean we wanted you to give up on florals completely. Because what could be prettier, more

Badass Ruby Rose Is The Newest Face Of Urban Decay, Naturally

As if Urban Decay hasn’t always killed it, they just hopped from one badass collab to the next…from Gwen Stefani, to Orange Is The New Black’s Ruby Rose. Urban Decay introduced Rose’s position this morning, with her new title: Most
How 7 Female Leaders Spend Their First Hour In The Office

How 7 Female Leaders Spend Their First Hour In The Office

If you haven’t already noticed this organically, the first hour at work is pretty much a game-changer. Before the chaos of the day begins, and your brain is here, there, and everywhere, the first hour can end up more productive

Spring Outfit Ideas Straight From Milan Fashion Week’s Street Style Stars

From New York, to Paris, and now on to Milan, fashion week – er, weeks – aren’t over yet! And now is the boldest week of all, since Italians are known for their no-holds-barred approach to fashion. So as Milan

This Woman Swatched 97 Different Lipsticks For Your Benefit

How many lipstick shades do you think you’ve tried in your lifetime? We bet you haven’t reached 97 yet, which is why we gotta hand it to one Reddit user. She tried on 97 different lip colors, took pictures of

Over Fast Fashion? Where To Shop Now

#OverIt. Fast fashion, that is. You’re done buying cheap, low-quality apparel that falls apart in no time. So now what? Where do you go when you’re done with Forever21 and H&M? What brands are quality-made, ethical, sustainable, but still fashion-forward?

The Style Evolution Of Your Favorite Fashion Bloggers

Ah, the evolution of personal style. We don’t know a girl out there who hasn’t looked back on a picture of herself and nearly died of embarrassment over something she wore, even though at the time she thought she was
36 Motivating Songs Fitness Influencers Workout To

36 Motivating Songs Fitness Influencers Workout To

After cute workout gear and celebrity gym selfies, what’s the most important motivating factor for your workout? Music. In fact, one study shows that working out with music makes the exerciser less aware of their physical exertion (AKA pain), and can benefit athletic

How To: Look Polished In A Pinch!

Sometimes all you have is a pinch of time to look polished in…and by sometimes, we mean a lot of times, considering we’re perpetually late. But thankfully, we have the simplest look to get around that – so simple it
Olivia Culpo’s Food And Fitness Diary

Olivia Culpo’s Food And Fitness Diary

If you aren’t obsessed with Olivia Culpo, then what are you even doing with your life? The brows, the bone structure, the bod – everything. She’s flawless. And while we’ve already learned this former Miss America’s brow tips and her everyday

How Makeup Is Made: Behind The Scenes At ColourPop

If you like the television show “How It’s Made” and you’re a beauty girl, you’re going to love this: the Zoe Report team went behind the scenes at ColourPop cosmetic headquarters in SoCal, and their sharing their findings. Follow the

Jeans: The Difference Between $30 And $300 Pairs

Jeans range in price from $30 to $300, give or take more or a lot. So why the huge discrepancy in price? What makes higher-end jeans cost what they do, and are they really worth it? Follow the link below
5 Ways To De-Stress At Work

5 Ways To De-Stress At Work

De-stressing at work sounds like an oxymoron, but not only is it possible, but it’s an absolutely necessary skill to master. So follow the link below where meditation and wellness expert Mariah Kelleher Perkins shares a few de-stressing techniques that can be

5 Style Rules To Steal From Ballerinas

Elegant, graceful, slender physiques – oh, to be a ballerina. And while we’ve definitely missed that calling (pretty sure out bodies could never be that flexible or strong at this point in our lives), we still can steal some style

The 2016 Oscars: Fashion, Beauty, Instagram, And More

So you couldn’t stay up past your bedtime to watch the 2016 Oscars, but now you woke up like a kid on Christmas morning all giddy with excitement to see the coverage. Well we have it for you… All The

What Happens When You Semipermanently Contour Your Face

Remember when Beyonce’s makeup artist, Sir John, shared his semi-permanent contouring hack achieved using sunscreen, aka tantouring? Well in case you were too scared to try it, one Refinery29 editor did it for you. Follow the link below to see
The Scientific Reason You Sometimes Get Emo During Yoga Class

The Scientific Reason You Sometimes Get Emo During Yoga Class

Ever felt like crying during a yoga class? Us too. And as it turns out, we aren’t the only babies, er, people who have felt the tears coming on mid-pose. Follow the link below where Chicago-area yoga instructor and Reiki

The Most Important Part Of Your Nightly Skincare Routine

Technically, the most crucial part of having a nightly skincare regime is simply having a nightly skincare regime! But once you have that covered and you’re following it regularly (No exceptions, Ms. 3 Glasses Of Wine!), there’s one step that

The Best Places To Shop For Your Body Type

If there was ever a time in fashion history where body diversity has been celebrated, it’s now (yes, we still have a long way to go, but we’re getting there)! This does, however, make shopping a tad difficult, trying to