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Top Five Friday - March 27th

Soooo, this is a thing- McDonald’s Big Mac bedding (and then some)…

We realize it’s just barely Spring so maybe we’re pushing, but this recipe for White Chocolate Lavender Ice Cream…! Is this not the loveliest combo you’ve ever heard of in your life?

Lilly Pulitzer for Target? Get it before it’s gone, ladies…

We’ve always swooned over this Candice Swanepoel look, but be prepared to be amazed at how this blogger NAILS it, and take notes to do the same…

Now for your WEEKEND CHALLENGE: Choose to see the good stuff all weekend long. Get lost on the way? Enjoy the detour. Restaurant’s out of your favorite wine? Take the chance to try something new. Friend backed out on plans? Now you have time to relax and catch up on Scandal. Choose to see the good in everything, and watch what a pleasant weekend you have no matter what goes “wrong.”

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