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Top Five Friday - March 13th

Now if this isn’t some serious Spring & Summer travel + travel outfit inspo, we don’t know what is.
Spring Travel

You’ve seen fashion blogger Chiara’s ever-growing wardrobe, now see inside her LA pad…
Chiara Home

This is one of our favorite thing to do: belt a scarf to create a unique makeshift top. And as always, Olivia Palermo demonstrates this perfectly.
OP Scarf

We’re SPRINTING to LA to get a mani by Bakeneko, but even if you can’t make it, you must still take this Instagram account to your next mani appointment as inspo.

A photo posted by intothegloss (@intothegloss) on

And to end on an inspirational note: people never forget how you make them feel about themselves, so make sure it’s good! Spread happy vibes this weekend and always! :)

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