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Tony Horton Kitchen

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According to Tony, you have to make the inside as healthy as what is on the outside. his philosophy is: “As long as it’s healthy, heat it up and eat it up.”

Tony states, “I understand the food thing, but it’s still the hardest part for me. So I partnered with a company that I like a lot. They make amazing food from a great kitchen and they make menu items that are healthy and delicious with lots of super healthy ingredients that include paleolithic, meat based ‘flex-itarian,’ free range chicken, grass fed beef and buffalo. Of course, we have meals for vegetarians as well.”

The beauty is Tony Horton Kitchen delivers pretty much anywhere in the U.S. for only about $9 per meal for the vegetarian dinners and $12 to $14 for the meat-based meals. They are all delivered to your door fresh, sealed and ready to eat.

“Every single bite and every single meal is clean and healthy,” Tony continues. “Every single one is going to help your body lose weight and function better because you are only as good as your last meal and as your last workout. Every meal and every workout is an opportunity to move in one of two directions, better or for worse. There are programs for everybody and every situation, and they are especially helpful for people who travel but want to eat right on the road. Our goal is to make delicious healthy meals available to everyone everywhere. Food problem solved.”

On the horizon is a second version of P90X that features a workout program that is shorter in duration for those days when you just don’t feel like working out or don’t have the time. “Your worst workouts always lead to better ones, and rest is always necessary. Get your 7 ½ hours of sleep each night. Get up and breathe, meditate and wake up without a lot of coffee.”

For Tony, “It’s all about taking care of yourself and getting rid of the things that are clearly not good for you and adding things to your life that are. Try not to rely on things outside of yourself, get in the game, and take a deep breath. Live. Listen to your body and pay attention. Do your best and forget the rest.”

“I’m gonna mellow out when I’m a hundred and five. Never satisfied and gifted with a boundless energy, Tony’s working on a third book. While his first two books were strictly about exercise and diet, the new book, set to publish in early 2014, is motivational in scope. In the still untitled work, Tony talks about ways to approach a more rewarding life where fitness leads to role modeling to bring about positive interactions with our families, coworkers, and in ultimately our world. As Tony puts it, “It’s about having healthier kids, being outside, active, and leading a healthful life. It’s about and being a role model for your kids and your community.”

To get in shape and stay there, Tony recommends an intense but not impossible workout where you push your body but never overdo it, and focus on variety to keep your muscles “guessing.” He says to “Do the things you are pretty good at and the things you are pretty bad at to create a dramatic physical, mental and emotional change.” Ask yourself, “What is your purpose?” Think about all the benefits of exercising
and eating well as compared to the things you don’t get if you make lousy choices.

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