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Tips for Extra Comfy Boots

5 Tips To Make Your Boots More Comfortable

Both fashionable and practical, boots are a must-have item for your autumn and winter wardrobe – but should you find your particular pair of boots to be a little on the uncomfortable side at first, don’t worry as there are some things you can do to overcome this.

Whether you wear your boots to look trendy or purely for practical reasons, you will benefit from the best of both worlds anyway. With boots, you can look stylish without having to worry about the odd muddy puddle wreaking havoc with your dainty shoes as you go about your day – which is fantastic as this time of year, when the weather is far from reliable.

However, with some boots it can take a little time before your feet get used to them and they’re not always comfortable to wear at the start. If you’re struggling with a pair of boots, there are things you can do to help your feet relax and enable you to start enjoying your new boots.

Gel Insoles

Boots are not always that padded or cushioned, unless you choose more practical brands that feature a soft lining such as those designed for walking or casual use. If yours are more about fashion, though, you may want to use gel insoles to relieve your feet and toes, making the landing as you walk far softer for them. These insoles also help if the boots are a little on the large side too as they stop your feet from sliding about – this extra movement creates friction which can lead to blisters.

Thick Socks

When possible, pop on thick socks to wear with your boots. Socks are great for adding cushioning for your feet, which is especially good for boots with thinner soles or limited lining. Thin socks are no good with boots really as they often lead to your feet slipping about inside the boot, which can cause blisters to develop, as well as provide little padding.

While thick socks may not go hand-in-hand with fashion, don’t forget that they won’t be seen once your boots are on – so make sure you choose really good chunky socks, even when wearing your super-trendy boots.

Wear Little And Often

Wearing your boots regularly will help settle your feet into them much more quickly. The trick is to wear them little and often, not lots and rarely. This way, the leather will be able to mould to your feet and the shape of your feet as you walk, helping you break into the boots more comfortably – wearing them for long periods of time often causes painful blisters to form initially.

Soften The Leather

You can buy special conditioning cream for leather which stops them from hardening – and helps keeps them softer and more comfortable for your feet. Simply apply the cream when needed to keep the material soft and supple.

Stretch Those Boots

Boot stretchers are easy to use and effective, as they gently apply pressure to the inside of the boots. These are particularly useful for leather boots.


Guest post by L. Keen, health conscious amateur blogger who loves fashion. She can often be found writing fashion related posts on behalf of her favorite local fashion store, Peppermint.

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