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Tips for Beautiful Travel

Living out of a suitcase can hinder your skincare and make up routine if you don’t travel smart.

Usually, there’s little extra space for the brushes, jars and palettes that make primping such a process, and when you add stale plane air, being out sightseeing out in the elements for hours on end, and late nights out, you’ll find yourself behind the beauty eight ball unless you heed these tips.

Sample Jars

Little did I know until recently, that at beauty counters in department stores like Macy’s, Dillards or Saks, you can ask for samples of their products and they will gladly hand them right over, in adorable, wee jars! Collect free portions of your favorite moisturizers, cleansers and scrubs so you can fit ten times as many goodies in your 1-quart Ziploc. Reuse old jars for more portable portions of your favorite lip glosses, powders or cream eye shadows and suddenly you’ll have ten times the space!

Plane Routine

A long flight can start your skin off on the wrong foot from the get go if you aren’t prepared. Drink plenty of water leading up to your flight, and remove your make up with a wipe as soon as you board. Apply either a nourishing mask or rich moisturizer and don’t forget eye cream! You’ll have plenty of time to rinse and reapply your face before you land, and your skin will be supple and glowing instead of parched and tired! Facial spritzers like Caudalie Beauty Elixir are also perfect for travel, as they provide hydration instantly.

Less is More

Travel with a few versatile make up products and you’ll have a whole spectrum of vacation looks at your fingertips, without lugging the weight of your kit. A palette of universally flattering colors like Too Faced Natural Face will give you the contours, rosiness and highlighters you need to look radiant day or night, all in one slim package! Bring a dark brown eyeliner that can double

as a fresh faced flick or a smudged and smoky eye for a night out, and leave the messy eye shadows and cumbersome brushes at home. Don’t forget your favorite bright lipstick and waterproof mascara for special occasions! You don’t need anything else! Sunblock Well, you don’t need anything else, except sunblock. Even if you aren’t traveling to the beach, SPF is paramount in preserving your youthful visage. Choose a formula that’s tinted so you’re face will be flawlessly evened out while still staying protected. BB creams with SPF over 30 are a great option, and tot

ally foolproof when applied with fingers. Try Dr. Jart, Boscia or Clinique. Don’t forget the rest of your body, even if you have a tan! Your chest, knees and even your back will eventually wrinkle up like a catcher’s mitt if you aren’t diligent with your sun protection everywhere.

Noella Schink is a travel writer from Portland, Maine. When she’s not playing with make up at home, she’s road tripping in a car rental in Italy, the UK or France!

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