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How to Avoid Dry Skin & Chapped Lips This Winter

Santa’s on his way, and so is dry skin and chapped lips- bah humbug! Not only is taught, dehydrated skin totally uncomfortable, but its enemies are makeup and spray tans, since nothing sits right on snake skin.


Help avoid this scaly catastrophe by making some product and routine switches now, before the real cold hits. Our suggestions are as follows…

-Stay hydrated, of course!
-Shield skin from the elements with scarves, gloves, etc.
-Keep lips protected with a wind-resistant balm.
-Continue using sunscreen through winter.
-Make sure you’re getting your vitamins! Chapped lips can be a result of vitamin deficiencies, plus certain vitamins help skin retain moisture.
-Eat healthy fats: avocado, salmon, walnuts, etc.
-Consider using a humidifier while you sleep.
-Always carry hand cream and lip balm- no exceptions!
-Occasionally exfoliate (But don’t over do it!), and follow with a moisturizer.
-Use a moisturizing skin mask weekly, or as needed.
-Look for products with ingredients like…Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, Shea Butter, Petroleum, Glycerin, Beeswax.

-Take scalding hot showers or baths, which zap your skin of moisture. Opt for warm.
-Breathe through your mouth. Be especially mindful of if you’re doing this while sleeping.
-Lick your lips!
-Use harsh cleansers, which strip the skin of its natural oils. Consider switching to an milky or oil cleanser this winter.
-Consume beacoup alcoholic drinks at every holiday party you have to attend. It’s super dehydrating, and a surefire way to pack on the holiday pounds.

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