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Throw the Perfect New Years Eve Party in 5 Steps

New Years Eve is a few days away yet and you still have enough time to organize a memorable party. Below are some simple steps to ensuring your party goes down a treat.


A party is only as good as the guests you invite. Generally the principal ‘the more the merrier’ applies when organizing a party. However you don’t want more than the venue/your house can handle. If you are planning a small get together then it’s best to invite people who already know each other or are likely to get along.


Music is what gets the party going. Without it, your party will struggle to get off the ground. Prior to the party, ask each guest to provide a few songs that they would like to hear. Put all of the songs into one playlist and let it run. Holiday favorites are still top favorites. When it gets close to twelve, turn the music down and turn on the TV/radio to see in the New Year.


When it comes to food you have two choices; serve a full meal earlier on in the evening or serve nibbles and snacks throughout. A meal is better suited to smaller parties as you don’t want to be getting stressed out and flustered because you are cooking for 50 guests. Appetizers are great if you have a large number of guests. Check out our article from Chef Andre Carthen, Design Ambassador to Kathy Ireland on some amazing tips for simple elegant dining solutions! Whichever you choose, be sure to tell your guests before they arrive so they can eat properly before if needs be. The other alternative is have a pot luck by asking guests to bring something along and create a buffet. This way you don’t have to prepare as much and everyone chips in.


Drinks are simple; get a variety of mixers for cocktails . Must have drinks include; wines, beers, cocktails and soft drinks. And never forget the Champagne or no alcoholic sparkling cider on New Years Eve! As with the food; you can provide guests with cocktails or ask them to bring their own, whichever works best.



If you are having a themed party think of ideas that fit everyone’s taste buds. A better option perhaps is to decorate your home with new years colors of gold, silver, black and white. Place around your home with balloons, streamers, put out a few poppers, whistles and indoor sparklers. This will heighten the sense of occasion, without having to put on a full on theme.

Hal Sutcliff writes on a range of topics including parties, events and how to create fantastic fireworks celebrations. 

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