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This Instagram Account Finds The Best Forever 21 Stuff

Image Source: @f21finds

I’ll never forget the day I found out my best dressed friend was an avid Forever21 shopper. She’s married, has a baby, a fabulous corporate job, and always looks classy, sophisticated, and on trend. Whenever I’m envying her style and complaining about not being able to afford new clothes, she pleads with me to give Forever21 a try, but I’m so terribly overwhelmed by their massive offering that I can never seem to get myself to visit their website, let alone their cluster-you-know-what of a store. Well, it turns out there’s finally a solution for gals like me: Samantha Mollen’s Instagram account, @F21Finds (or Forever 21 Finds). Sam scours the many F21 racks and features the best finds so we don’t have to. She’s basically our personal F21 shopper. Follow her here, and start reaping the fashionable benefits to your wardrobe and wallet. 

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Photos: @f21finds

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