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Thinking About Coloring Your Hair?

As a Cosmetologist, I have seen it ALL when it comes to chemically treated hair; the good, the bad, and the ugly. One of the most common and popular services salons offer are color treatments. Great color can change your life!

Whether you’re thinking of coloring your hair for the first time or are the queen of color, this post will provide some much needed advice when it comes to altering the shade of your precious tresses.

Do your research… It is wildly important to know what you want before heading to the salon. Look through magazines, see what celebs are rocking, talk to your friends! See what’s out there, what piques your interest and appeals to you. Your stylist may have recommendations and suggestions you didn’t think about before, but it’s good to have an idea beforehand.

Pamper your hair… Color is a chemical. Yes, believe it! The more dramatic the change, the greater the chance of damage. You need to begin pampering your hair! It’s good to add deep conditioning treatments and hot oil massages a couple of weeks before getting your hair colored. The healthier your hair is, the more options that are available to you!

Research the Salon and Stylist… Some will argue, “It’s only hair” but this is your hair you’re talking we’re about! Do some research early on and find a stylist you’re comfortable with. Is there a new salon that you’ve heard great things about? Has your friend been bragging about her fabulous stylist? Reviews and referrals can be a great resource. Finding a stylist that you completely trust is the first step to a successful color journey!

Set aside a realistic budget… Various degrees of coloring come at multiple costs. Are you getting highlights or an allover color? Are you trying to correct a color you already have?  Figure out a manageable budget and be sure to communicate that with your stylist in advance.

Book your appointment… This seems obvious but clients underestimate the amount of time it requires. Pick a day and time where you won’t be under a time  crunch, rushing  in and out. of the salon.  Double check that the time will work for you and ask for an estimate on pricing.

Be on time… Be sure to dress comfortably, and arrive well rested. It’s a good idea to eat before heading to the salon, so you’re not distracted or irritable. Answer all your stylists’ questions honestly and ask questions in return. “How long your color will last?”, “how long before you can expect fading?” and “how often will you have to come in for touch-ups?” are all key questions.

One thing to remember is that hairdressers are humans. They can’t correct every color and can’t work magic. Don’t expect to walk in with short straight hair and leave with long flowing curls… Unless you’re bringing in a couple bundles of Remy hair.

Be realistic and remember to enjoy your hair! Good luck!

Author: Dominique-Alexis is a young blogger, aspiring hairstylist, and Paul Mitchell Academy student. She has been blogging about the care and keeping of natural hair with her sister for three years on www.Natural-Hair-Care-Info.com and plans on becoming a celebrity hairdresser, teaching at hair shows, and educating African-American women to love themselves and love the beautiful curls they are blessed with!


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