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The Ultimate Beauty Guide To Smoky Eyes

Whether you lover her or hate her, Kim Kardashian always wears the most flawless make-up. In particular, Kim’s smoky eyes are to die for. On catwalks across the world, the celebs are supporting smoky chic. Seeing as this beauty style is having a moment right now, we thought we’d tell you how you can get this stunning look too:


Get Started:

To begin with, prime your eyes; not just on the lid but under your lower lash line too. A lot of eye shadow will be applied to your face so you’ve got to create a base for it to stick to. Start to coat your eyelids with a very deep bronzy-brown and then gently apply along the lower lash line too. With a slightly reddish-brown that complements the previous color, go over your eyelids and lash line. Using a light mauve-brown, soften the edges of your eye shadow and blend, blend, blend. A MAC 217 brush is perfect for this.

Now for the wince-worthy part. Take a liquid or gel eyeliner in black and apply to your bottom waterline, then tightline your upper waterline to really darken your lashes. Afterwards, sweep eyeliner across your upper lid line as you normally would.

Taking a slanted brush, apply black eyeshadow to the lower lashline, but still leaving some of that gorgeous brown on show. With a shadow brush, go across your lower eyelid with black shadow – focus mainly on the outer rim and don’t go too high with the black – you want a nice transition between the smoky black and the moody brown.

Using a nude, frosty shadow, highlight the empty area between your eyebrow and your brow bone. If you want to add false eyelashes now, you can. Falsies really do top off this look, but the eye make-up as it is and lashings of mascara works really well too. Make sure that your lashes look striking and dark.

The Finishing Touches

To complement your smoky eyes, it’s best to use a slightly matte foundation to give your eyes all the spotlight. A dewy foundation will only do a disservice to all the work you’ve done on your eyes, and draw attention to your base.

Follow up with concealer under the eyes and on any blemishes you’d like to cover up. Contour your face by highlighting under the eye from the nose outwards and blending. For your cheeks, pull a fish face and use a little bronzer in the groove this creates under your cheekbones. Use a peach on the apples of your cheeks and then apply a tiny bit of bronzer down the lines of your nose – this gives the illusion of a narrower nose just by doing some simple and barely-there contouring.

Outline your lips with a nude pencil. Fill your lips with a pink, nude lipstick with a creamy, satin finish for all-day staying power. Add a slick of pale lipgloss with a hint of shimmer to finish off your sultry, smoky eye look that could even give Kim K. a run for her money!


This post has been written and contributed by Zoe, a beauty aficionado with a serious addiction to all things make-up. She has written this post today in collaboration with Salons Direct.


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