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The Swing of Things

Get in the Swing of Things- Dress for Success in the Game of Golf

In the game of golf, it has long been rumored that there is a direct connection between how well you are dressed, and how well you play. Whether you play golf in California or New York, the vast majority would agree that apparel has a direct effect on the result of your performance. Opting for clothing that reflects the style and layout of the golf course is important, although what you choose proves to be more conclusive than how you choose.

Your outfit can determine your performance

In this precision sport, apparel and accessories are a key factor to the comfort and focus of the players. Essential items include the traditional striped polo that offers maximum flexibility, loose-fitting bottoms that enhance movement, and golf shoes, as opposed to other athletic shoes, that offer traction and balance, designed specifically for the course terrain.

Climate makes deciding factors 

During the selection of clothing material you will want to side with the light-weight, breathable version. Climate will also be a make-it or break-it factor. You could bring sunscreen, umbrellas and insect repellent, and still find yourself unprepared. In the event of precipitation, one must be sure to have golf rain gear on hand. On the search for climate-friendly apparel, look for abrasion resistant and waterproof fabric-most likely of  nylon and polyester collaboration. As for the necessary accessories, one would have to include a waterproof, highly resistant golf bag, performance sunglasses that offer high contrast, and gloves to ensure a steady swing; although both gloves are not worn, a glove is said to contribute to the power and control balance of a swing; quality gloves are usually a mix of cabretta/synthetic leather and mesh. To complete your golfing ensemble, a cap or visor is crucial to keep a clear line of sight. It goes without saying that if one cannot see, they are taking a shot in the dark and since golf is an outside sport,  sunglasses are also extremely important for focus and equilibrium.

Equipment is key

A good golfer will have these items on him/her at all times, but the equipment he carries is equally important. Experienced golfers always know which clubs work best for them, but most of the time three clubs will do (2 through 9 irons): a driver, a putter, a 3-wood and a 5-wood. One should also bring a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, two dozen marked balls and wood tees. The reason behind marked balls is the fact that most golf balls resemble one another. That being said, it is especially important to mark them, so that finding yours won’t be a problem, since all of the other relevant golfing concerns have been addressed beforehand, therefore prevented.

Article written by Stephen Cowan

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