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The Simple Trick To Zap Blackheads For Good

So you just had a facial, and your skin is practically as fresh and poreless as Camilla Bell’s. So how do you keep blackheads from copping up and destroying your nose? Well Zara Mohsin, a skincare expert at Wink Brow Bar in New York, shared a seriously life-changing trick with InStyle.com. 

“Take a wet hot towel and put it on your nose for a couple of minutes. Then, take the side of a metal tweezer and run it against the sides of your nose, being very careful not to push down too hard or poke yourself.” 

Follow up with a cleaning agent like a soothing toner or fresh lemon juice, and you should be able to keep the area tight and blackhead-free. To read the full interview with Mohsin, head over to InStyle.com.

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