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The Secret to Big, Voluminous Hair + Texture

Hair powder.

That’s the secret. And sorry, we’re so excited about this product we couldn’t even build suspense and just had to blurt it out: Hair powder is the secret to big, voluminous hair! And while not a terribly new product, we’ve noticed that not enough woman are yet privy to its power.

Hair powder has been just as game-changing for us as dry shampoo, but don’t confuse the two. Though similar, hair powder goes above and beyond. On top of having a slight oil-absorbing and mattifying effect, hair powder provides extreme volume, texture, and unbeatable grip.

This magical powder comes in a small bottle with a tiny hole(s) in the top, and is applied through shaking directly onto the hair. It’s mostly used in the roots, but if looking for all over texture, you can shake some into your hands and apply in other areas for a piece-y effect. A little bit goes a LONG way, so be careful not to over-do it.

Pretty much all brands carry the same ingredients, but the one that differentiates this type of powder from others is silica. It changes the product from being soft like baby powder to having a slightly tacky-feeling. This is what gives it its amazing volumizing, grip, and holding power. It’s the perfect way to achieve volume without teasing, or if you are going to tease, hair powder is the perfect accompaniment that will take your teasing to a new level through its extreme grip and staying-power. This is also the product you’ve been looking for to achieve second-day hair right after washing.

We wouldn’t lie to you, ladies: you’re going to LOVE this stuff.

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