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The Secret Benefit to Having a Rounder Face

Search the internet all you want, but you’re probably not going to find a makeup tutorial for how to make your face look rounder. In fact, it’s the opposite face shape that’s trending: contouring your face into oblivion until it reaches ice sculpture status. And while we round-faces are thankful for some of these slimming hacks, it’s time for some full-face positivity, and we found it.

According to a study in the Trends in Cognitive Sciences journal, those with a rounder face shape are actually perceived as being more trustworthy. Say what now? Well it seems to indicate that we are subconsciously “face-ist,” constantly making snap judgments of people based on their facial traits and shapes without even realizing it. And with it comes to fuller faces, we’re more apt to trust them.

Crazy, right? So of the other findings in the study were that wide eyes, small noses, and high eyebrows signify passivity, and that larger foreheads and prominent noses denote competence. 

So round-faced ladies, while you may not fit the current face shape standard of beauty (which is bologna in our opinion anyways), rejoice in being better trusted than your sculpted-faced friends. 

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Photos: David Gabber / PRPhotos.com

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