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The Return of the Fanny Pack

What goes around comes around, and fashion trends are often cyclical, but we have to admit we never saw this one coming: the fanny pack.

Seen on a handful of Fall 2014 runways (Chanel, Alexander Wang, Rebecca Minkoff), fanny packs have made it to celeb closets, and into our favorite boutiques. And don’t hate us for saying this, but we aren’t all that upset about it.

Okay, hear us out - after decades of being out and about doing the delicate balancing act of trying to lug around a heavy purse, carry our cells and our lattes, and still pick up the Karen Walker sunnies to get a closer look, doesn’t the thought of simplifying the necessary goods and going hands free seem like an absolute dream? It’s a weight off your shoulders, literally.

And if all you can picture are dorky tourists and that time in 8th grade your dad embarrassed the heck out of you by wearing his fanny pack on your class trip to the amusement park, tell that to Kate Hudson and Rachel Zoe, who have both recently been spotted sporting one. They aren’t alone- Sarah Jessica Parker and Fergie rock Chanel fanny packs, Kylie Jenner wore hers to Coachella last year, Rhianna was appropriately seen in a black fanny covered with gold dollar signs, and Nicole Richie recently admitted to wearing one to a Jay Z concert and followed up said-confession by urging her fans to buy them too.

StyleBistro.com/Getty Images

This unisex trend has been spotted on male celebs as well. Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kanye West have all been seen in a “manny” pack, if you will.

If it makes you more comfortable, some designers disguise this trend under a chicer name, like the Louis Vuitton Geronimous Waist Bag, or the Tory Burch Mini Belt Bag.

While you can pick up a fanny pack almost anywhere, like the Cold Blooded FP from Nasty Gal ($38), or this Mixed Geo-Patterned FP from Forever 21 ($15), we’re showing you our favorite picks from Shopbop, because of their family and friends sale happening now: take 25% off of your ENTIRE ORDER with code SPRING25.

Elizabeth and James - Cynnie Belt Bag $295

B Low the Belt - Cadet Belt $60

Simone Camille - Embellished Fanny Pack $135


Time’s Arrow - Grid Dance Belt Bag $295


Louis Vuitton Geronimos Waist Bag $1250


See? Not so bad, huh? Tell us below if you’ll be going hands-free this Spring or Summer!




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