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The Proper Way to Dry Your Face

We know what you’re thinking- it seems rather nitpick-y to be concerned with the way you dry your face post-washing. But there’s something critical you’ve failed to consider…

Wash/Change Your Towel Frequently
You should never use the same towel to dry your face for more than a day or two! After every use, you’re leaving the towel dirtier than the last time. Even if just using the towel to dry your “clean” face, it’s still picking up dead skin and residual grime (leftover dirt, oil, and makeup that you missed, often along the hairline). As if that wasn’t bad enough, if you leave that moist towel hanging in the warm bathroom, it can breed bacteria (even more so if you’re using the towel to dry your hands after each wash throughout the day). It also collects a ton of icky, airborne particles (i.e. did you know that when you flush the toilet, it sends a bunch of lovely particles airborne that eventually land on your bathroom surfaces?).

Naturally then, when you reuse that “clean” towel that you “only used to dry your clean face after washing it,” you’re pressing all of that invisible, unwanted yucky-ness right back into your skin. Best bet? Buy a bulk pack (or two) of wash cloths, and use a fresh one each day.

Other Things to Consider:

Consider Using a Paper Towel or Toilet Paper
Both of these are used as viable options for anyone concerned with not only the germ-related contents of a bath towel, but even the residual chemicals from laundry detergent and fabric softeners that a cotton towel holds. This is an especially good consideration for anyone with sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Consider Air-Drying
If you’re super serious about avoiding all of the above, you might consider air-dry your skin after washing. This is the only way to completely avoid applying any unwanted bacteria or chemicals to your skin, or tugging at it (see below).

How to air dry? After rinsing skin, use hands to “push” off all the excess water you can into the sink. When you stand back up, pat a towel at your neck under the jawline to stop water from running down your face and into your shirt. Brush your teeth or skip to another portion of your nightly routine and your skin will be dry in no time.

Pat [Never Rub] Skin Dry
If you’re going to use a towel to dry your face, you should never be rubbing it dry. Rubbing can be irritating, plus it tugs at the delicate facial skin and can contribute to wrinkling. Instead, pat your face dry with a clean towel.

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