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The Perfect Date…from HIS Perspective

We asked five guys about the most memorable dates their other halves planned on Valentine’s Day and the responses may surprise you. Ladies, take note!

Ryan, 31 - Writer

“My fiancé scheduled a couples’ massage at an exclusive spa, which was the perfect prelude to a romantic evening.”

Kevin, 29 – Graphic Designer

“When we first had our twins and we lived with our in-laws, my wife planned some alone time on Valentine’s Day. She sent her parents and our kids to a family member’s for the night and we ordered in. It was so nice to just sit together in front of the fireplace and enjoy our quiet time alone.”

Alan, 44 –Sales Executive

“The first year that we were married and I worked nights as a security guard, my wife showed up to my work on Valentine’s Day night decked to the nines and served up the perfect dinner from my favorite steakhouse. I will never forget eating by candlelight with plastic utensils and to-go containers over my tiny desk in the corner. Perfection!”

Zack, 26 – Medical Student

“A former flame took me to a karaoke bar and, after a few rounds, stood up on stage belted out some of my favorite songs. I had no idea that she could sing!”

Andy, 39 – Professor

“My girlfriend decided to turn the tables one Valentine’s Day and pretty much blew my mind. She reserved a private dining suite atop a riverboat that had been turned into a restaurant. She planned the music with the perfect mix, the candlelight table at a sunset seating, not to mention the menu with my absolute favorites! It was such an amazing evening. She’s now my wife and I’ve worked very hard to top that date ever since!”

We want to know…what was your most memorable date? Comment below!

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