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The Must-Have Boho Skirt for 2015 Festivals

Two is always better than one…two glasses of champagne, two cupcakes, two Hemsworth brothers. Well the same goes for slits in maxis…

Call it a double-slit, a 2-slit, or a an M-slit, it doesn’t matter how you slice it, as long as its sliced twice.

This look is the perfect way to show off some skin without being over the top about it, because although some of the slits may look high, when you compare it to the modern day shorts, you realize you aren’t showing even half as much skin as a pair of cutoffs.

But what will REALLY sell you on this look is the way these bad boys flow and play peek-a-boo with your gorgeous gams as you walk…holy hotness, check it out here. Boho chic has never been, or ever will be, as sexy or ethereal as this. So if you’re looking for the perfect festival outfit, this could be it (but don’t forget to also add some fringe).

Lovers + Friends - One & Only Maxi Skirt $135
Blue Life - Slit Halter Dress $143
Blue Life - 2-Slit Skirt $128

ASTR -Embroidered Strapless Dress $64
Lovers + Friends - One & Only Maxi Skirt $135
ASOS - Floral Maxi with Splits $54
Forever 21 - Tribal Print M-Slit Maxi $16

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