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The Most Amazing Coffee Almond Smoothie

Although they don’t get used as often as they should, almonds make an amazing smoothie ingredient. Not only do they satisfy cravings and leave you feeling fuller longer thanks to their protein and fiber content, they’re also a source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants like biotin, vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin B2, copper, riboflavin, just to name a few.

So to harness the power of this little brown superfood, here’s a smoothie favorite that’s choc-full of ‘em, with a dash of everyone’s other beloved little brown “superdrink” - coffee! Yes, you heard that right. The combonation of these two power houses (plus a few other goodies) make for absolute magic.

Almond milk (add until reached desired consistency)
1 or 2 dates
I teaspoon of coffee
Half a banana
A dash of cinnamon

Blend until creamy. That’s it!

Talk about clean eating. So simple, so healthy, and SO delicious. It’s pretty much the best afternoon pick-me-up EVER!

Elle is the brain and beauty behind the addicting Impossibly Blonde, and a borderline coffee-holic. Check out her decadent Exfoliating Coffee Scrub.




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