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The Many Sides of Gretchen Christine

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From reality TV to singing, cosmetics to handbags, Gretchen Christine is much, much more than just your average housewife. Best known as the bombshell blonde on the increasingly popular Real Housewives of Orange County, Gretchen’s life is basically an open book for the billions of viewers who tune in each week. Though the press likes to throw jabs, this multi-tasking media mogul is able to laugh it off with a wink and a smile. We caught up with this OC starlet for an exclusive photo shoot where we reveal several sides of Gretchen not seen on TV. From the fun and the fearless to the raw and unrestrained, these are the many faces of Gretchen Christine.

Rebel Revelation: Though she might be a target of TV and tabloid talk, this independent, self-made mogul is no damsel in distress. Smoldering eye makeup and her slicked-back pomp’ add just the right amount of “good girl gone bad” appeal to this seriously sexy, sultry look.

Barbarella Babe: Underneath her girly exterior, Gretchen reveals a bold, brazen side to herself not often seen on TV. Teased tresses and loud lips show off Gretchen’s wild side.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Pigtails and a playful party dress exude Gretchen’s “girls just want to have fun” attitude. Delightfully disheveled locks give off a carefree and slightly mischievous vibe. Girl’s night out anyone?

Golden Girl: This OC native rocks the beach blonde bombshel l look like, well, it’s her job! With her signature bouncy blonde tresses and sun-kissed skin, Gretchen effortlessly pulls off the California girl look all year long.

Gretchen’s Sexy SUMMER TIPS

You are in great shape. Can you share any summer fitness tips for a hot bikini body?
Because my schedule is so hectic, I don’t have the time to spend two hours in the gym. Instead, I stash weights all around my house so I can squeeze in exercise whenever I can. I also bring resistance bands with me when I’m traveling so I can tone on the go, regardless of where I am. When it comes to getting in shape for summer, I might step up my work out a bit… 50 extra crunches, a couple extra squats…it all adds up!

Any summer slim-down strategies when it comes to diet?
I love to eat food, so everything in moderation is my rule of thumb. I have been overweight and I have also struggled with an eating disorder. So I now take a very balanced approach to nutrition. I do find in the summer months I tend to eat a bit lighter, adding more salads to my diet.

What are your top beauty do’s for summer?
I love coral and tawny tones for the summer because they are soft and light, leaving you fresh faced with a bit of warmth. My Gretchen Christine Cosmetics Color Swirls and Lip Plumpers are perfect for achieving a glowy complexion and sexy pout without overdoing it.

Bathing suit shopping can be a drag… any tips?
First and foremost, get a spray tan! Dressing room lighting can be so bad that any hint of cellulite you have becomes magnified. A good fake tan will not only disguise cellulite but will also make you appear fit. (Hint-hint, wink-wink, keep your eyes peeled for a GCC self-tanner that Gretchen is working on perfecting right now!)

We know you get a lot of compliments and questions about your hair. How do you keep it healthy all summer long?
When my hair gets dry from swimming at the beach, lake, or pool, I turn to HBL Hair Mask to hydrate and condition. It’s important to treat your hair to some deep conditioning on a regular basis.

Do you have a favorite summer hangout spot?
Palm Springs. When I’m not staying at my friends Victor and Robert’s place, I like to hide out at this little hidden gem called The Blue Pear. Connected to the Pool House, an intimate six room boutique hotel, this place offers seclusion and awesome Tex-Mex food!

What is your favorite summer vacation destination?
Tahiti. It can best be described as paradise. If you plan on heading there, I highly recommend staying at an over-water bungalow!

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