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The Main Advantages of Staycations

A rather recent term, formed by the combination of two existing words (stay and vacation), the staycation refers to a holiday spent at home.

This idea may surprise all those who cannot conceive taking days off from work just to stay at home, but staycations have become increasingly popular during the last years. The busy working schedules and the tight budgets have reduced people’s possibilities to travel each time they feel the need to get away from the office. The phenomena’s popularity does not come without a reason. So what are the advantages of this nifty


1. Saving money

Traveling involves a lot of expenses with accommodation, food and entrance fees to various tourist attractions. While spending your holiday at home, you don’t need to pay for the hotel room and you can continue your regular eating habits. This way, the holiday’s budget is greatly reduced.

2. Relaxing

Holidays involve a lot of stress: booking the flight and the hotel, getting in formed on the things to do at your destination, packing, catching the plane (sometimes at impossible hours), jetlag, running from one landmark to another. Staycations avoid all this. Instead, you can choose relaxing activities like joining a spa center or going to the pool.

3. Getting to know your own town

If you are into museums, amusement parks and other types of tourist attractions, why wouldn’t you do the things you enjoy in your residential area? You may have already visited some of the art galleries or theme parks, but it is always nice to come back. Or, there might be some things you haven’t discovered yet. Just read a free travel guide on the internet and you will be amazed how many things you have ignored about your own town.

4. Spending quality time with your loved ones 

Haven’t you felt like you are not visiting your parents often enough? Aren’t there some old friends you lost contact with because you don’t have time to meet them during the working days? How long has it been since you took the time to play with your kids? A staycation is the perfect time for all those things. As you can see, having a staycation is not such a bad idea. This kind of holiday may not provide you with the opportunity to see the world, to get to know other cultures and discover their traditions, but it certainly helps you have a good rest and reconnect with the most persons in your life.

Mihaela Schwartz is a travel writer. You can read her articles on The Free Travel Guide.

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