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The Healthier, Vegan Alternative to Scrambled Eggs

Advances in vegan faire have made this lifestyle choice a lot simpler than days past thanks to clever (and tasty) alternatives to nearly everything you can think of- meats, cheeses, milks, etc. But as if that wasn’t good enough, it’s now even easier to eat humanely thanks to Pennsylvania-based vegan egg shop The Vegg, who has developed a plant-based egg substitute that looks and tastes like the real thing by combining the powers of their egg yolk replacement with tofu.

The Vegg has been selling their egg yolk replacement since 2011. It has the same taste and texture as yolks from chickens, but is gluten-, cholesterol-, and fat free, and can be used in any recipe that requires egg yolk. By combining this yellow yolk with the soft, mild taste of tofu, they’ve made the closest thing to scrambled eggs known to vegan man.

But you needn’t be vegan to get excited! One Green Planet says it “boasts a nutritional profile that rivals eggs for both protein as well as vitamin B12 content. It’s also a fraction of the calories and zero fat, non-GMO, and sourced from mostly certified organic ingredients.”

Sounds egg-cellent to us (c’mon, we had to).

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