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Hatbox: A Modern Haberdashery


In a world where baseball hats rule, the traditional hat stores of the past seem non-existent. Not the case in Austin. With the belief that hats nowadays represent the opposite of blind conformity, and a confident style and a dashing personality, Hatbox is a keeper of traditions and a modern day hat wonderland.

HATBOX_SIGN Hatbox began in 1974 in Houston, Texas and now has two locations serving the Austin area. Although the invention of hats can be traced back to 3200 BC, today Hatbox features classics like “The Bowler,” “The Top Hat,” “The Boater,” “The Newsboy,” and of course, “The Fedora.”

Once inside Hatbox Austin, visitors will be treated to a vast array of fashionable and functional headwear. In fact, there are so many hats it might make you mad as a hatter trying to find the perfect one. That’s where Hatbox’s specialty haberdashers(someone who fits or sells hats) step in to help. Experts in the trade, these friendly associates can take one look at you and find the perfect hat for your face and head shape, and for your personal style desires.

HATBOX_INTERIOR Don’t see the hat you want on the sales floor, then step through the red velvet curtains and find yourself in the VIP area of hat rooms. With custom made designs and quality of hats that would make any hat aficionado melt with desire, this specialty room is open to all who wish to enter.


HATBOX_LADY_HAT So, the next time you find yourself in Austin, make sure to drop in and visit Hatbox. We promise you won’t be disappointed with your new look.

HATBOX: A Modern Haberdashery
Downtown Store
115 E. Sixth St. Ste N.
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: 512-476-1203


By: Aaron Brown

Photos: Allen Carrasco and Courtesy of The Hatbox

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