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The Guy Guide: Make-up After the Break-up

Picking Favorites 

You broke up with her and realized you were wrong. It is time to prove to her that you want her back by actions. Therefore, the key word here is favorite. Put yourself in her shoes, think of how she feels and what this argument or situation has caused. You want to work on resolving the break up, therefore work on these personal solutions:

Ooh and Ahh Her

Sometimes its “ok” to be cliché. Try buying her favorite flowers, nothing says I’m sorry better than a bouquet of her fresh-picked faves delivered to her workplace. This will show her that you remember what she loves. Take note that sending them to where she works shows that you are determined to commit to  her and that you are not afraid to show everyone how romantic you can be.

Remember that special lil’ Italian spot?

Put time and effort into thinking what really will make her happy. Treat her to a nice meal at her favorite restaurant, remember, the one she always talked about? With all the emotional anguish im involved,  getting her back has to be all about her and her desires. If she agrees to dinner, while out remind her of the beautiful moments you shared as a couple. By doing so, you may help bridge the gap that you put there in the first place. -

Write Like You Mean It

Leave her sweet little notes. You can have them delivered with the flowers. In this digital age where everything is sent through text, emails, or posts on social media sites, heartfelt handwritten letters are becoming extinct. Pen out a few lines that will make her melt. Try to keep your notes short, sweet and concise.

Invade Her Senses with Scents

A whiff of her favorite scent can trigger good memories of your time together. You can choose to spray some on your love notes or send her cute scented candles. Find the perfect scent for fun products that she will adore. Mending a broken relationship takes time. If you are truly determined to give it a shot, it is best to give it your all. However, try not to over-do it. It will be harder to win her back her if she has reservations or feels pressured.




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