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The FNB Restaurant: Fresh, Creative, Delicious!


Located in old town Scottsdale, Charlene Badman and Pavle Milic have been serving up their take on the fresh local produce, proteins, cheese and wines since late 2009. Since then, they have earned the praises of top food critics and have been featured in some of the most reputable food and wine outlets such as The New York Times and Food & Wine magazine.

Their motto is simple: to offer fresh, creative, sustainable, delicious and affordable food in a warm friendly setting. As Charlene puts it, “Whatever they (the local farmers) call and tell me they have is what ends up on the menu.” Because of their commitment to fresh, local ingredients, their lunch and dinner menus change daily. At lunch, they feature one sandwich each day and everyone has their favorite, from house-made brisket to ooey-gooey juicy hamburgers like “The Wexler”. Wanna know what FnB is putting on their lunch plate today? Head on over to their Facebook page to check out postings of what they have to offer that day, not to mention the mouth-watering photos that will make you want to take the closest train or plane straight to the restaurant. (Just be sure to make reservations first!)

Their commitment to remain local does not end at the plate. Pavle Milic does a fantastic job pairing locally produced wines with the dishes that come out of Charlene’s kitchen each night. There are approximately 68 federally bonded and licensed wineries in the state of Arizona, giving Pavle a great variety of local blends and varietals to choose from.

The intimate atmosphere, and the popularity of Charlene’s one-of-a-kind dishes make reservations at this eatery a must. FnB is open Tuesday - Sunday for lunch and dinner with late night seating on Saturdays.

Because of their commitment to fresh, local ingredients, their lunch and dinner menus change daily.

But wait! There’s more to FnB than just amazing food and wines! Charlene hosts cooking classes and demonstrations to teach people how to prepare delicious meals with the foods that are local and available to them while passing on useful skills like chicken butchery. If cooking isn’t really your thing or you are looking for busy weekday meal solutions that are fresh and healthy, head on over to 5th Street and check out Charlene and Pavle’s Bodega Market. Featuring the same local produce that Charlene uses in the restaurant along with locally sourced breads, produce, eggs and cheese one can find everything they need to throw together a quick, healthy and delicious meal. The Bodega also features hard to find proteins and fresh, ready-made sauces (think Jidori chicken and chimichurri), making it a great foodie find! As Pavle puts it, “We are trying to showcase what a lot of our farmers and everyone is doing here (in Arizona).”

For those who enjoy a nice bottle of wine with dinner, you can head right on over to AZ Wine Merchants once you are finished at the Bodega Market.

Curated by Pavle Milic of FnB and Brian Reeder, this unique wine shop showcases a variety of amazing wines that are being produced in Arizona along with a special selection of wines representing some of the best and most popular wine-producing regions across the world and is a definite must for anyone on the hunt for great Arizona wines.

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