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The Country Where People Are Happiest With Their Appearance Is…

Mirror mirror on the wall…how happy are you with your reflection? A recent study polled 22 countries around the globe to figure out where people were the happiest, and least happy, with what they see when they look in the mirror.

Out of the 22 countries, they found that Mexico had the most people reporting being completely satisfied with their looks, and the highest amount of people being fairly satisfied, at 74 percent. 

So how did the United States stack up?

· 16 percent are completely satisfied

· 44 percent are fairly satisfied

· 27 percent are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

· 10 percent are not too satisfied

· 3 percent are not at all satisfied

The least confident in their looks were the Japanese. 38 percent checked the box for “not too satisfied” or “not at all satisfied.” Click here to read the rest of the study, and remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

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