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BEST Black Friday Deal Preparation

Black Friday is many things. On one hand it is crowded, exhausting and overpopulated while on the other hand it is invigorating, memorable and well - a way to get the best prices on things you & your family may have desired all year long. That new T.V. or a specialty kitchen item, a fresh pair of tennis shoes or the latest gadget might all be on your wishlist. So how do some individuals catch a deal and others get left in the dust?


Prepare for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday NOW!

Black Friday:

Start early by reviewing your favorite stores & current sales weeks in advance. Open your Sunday paper or browse online at what deals they are currently advertising. Chances are, these deals might be up for grabs come Black Friday. Many people search sites that show ads early such as and these showcase potential deals that may be on sale or “leaked” ads for businesses weeks in advance. Another great idea is to download one of many Black Friday apps to your smartphone this way you can stay up to date on the things you desire the most.

Once you know the item you want to buy plan on the times you want to start grab! Many stores open even earlier. For example this year Sears has two doorbuster savings, one at 8:00 p.m. Thanksgiving evening and the other at 4:00 a.m. on Black Friday. Create a schedule for you, your family members or friends to correlate. Remember, showing up early is probably a good thing even though 4:00 a.m. is almost early enough!

Small Business Saturday:

Created by American Express- the goal is to offer a voice to the “mom & pop” stores of our local communities. While many spend Friday shopping for big ticket items, the smaller stores actually offer deals almost as robust as their corporate counterparts. According to, “The Small Business Saturday movement is heavily tied into social media, said Charles, noting that last year’s effort resulted in 2.6 million “likes” on Facebook and almost 200,000 supportive tweets on Twitter.” Small businesses in your area are learning more and more about engaging in this phenomenon. Perhaps that top at your favorite boutique is much more reasonable or that frame you desired at your local gallery. Supporting your small business helps grow your local community and provides income for many self-employed entrepreneurs across the nation during a time where the economy is struggling and jobs are sparse. If your favorite local business or restaurant is not knowledgeable of Small Business Saturday, let them know! In fact, American Express even offers links and ads to promote your business on your website or blog. In all, its a great opportunity to support your whole community.

Simply go to & click “Where to Shop” to see who is participating in your area!

Cyber Monday:

Many enjoy Black Friday for the rush, but some rather sit home, relaxc & enjoy the show with a dark roast cup of coffee and their laptop. Businesses large and small often are involved in Cyber Monday online. Where our favorite online stores post up for deals starting just as early as those on Black Friday, no lines, hussle or bussle required! The only catch- grabbing that item before someone else in your “cyber” world gets it first. So if shopping online is your thing, opt for Cyber Monday deals as well. You can go to for a full list of stores to grab those items you missed on Friday or Saturday!

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