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The Best (and Cheapest) Airport Snacks

Real talk: sugar and salt are delicious. Even more real talk: too much sugar or salt is bloat inducing, and all-around unhealthy. Unfortunately, airport grub is notoriously filled with both of these tasty little devils (Cinnabon or Panda Express, perhaps?), not to mention, its heavily processed with controversial additives and preservatives. So while this would have you assuming that you can’t eat healthy while flying, it need not be true!


Let’s give airports a little credit and acknowledge that they have started carrying little kiosks with fresh sandwiches, salads, and fruits. But unless you want to pay $9 for a half a tuna on wheat, you’re better off packing your own healthy grub from home. Here are our favorites:

Peanut butter/Almond Butter
Chickpea Salads
Quinoa Salads with Black Beans
Assorted Nuts
Beef Jerky (A healthy brand, not a Slim Jim!)
Cheese/Cream Cheese

Fresh Fruit
Dried Fruit
Granola Bars

Fruits & Vegetables:
Carrots, Celery, Broccoli (Great for dipping in hummus, PB, etc.)
Pre-Cut Orange Slices
Small, Pre-made Salads (Hearty kale would hold up well without wilting for hours.)

Crackers, Pita Chips, Popcorn Etc.

Empty Thermos
Tea Bags
Powdered Green Drinks
Pre-sliced lemon or ginger (for water or tea)

Longer Flights? Make your own sandwich at home, and wrap in parchment paper.

Traveling in a pack? Consider taking a mini-cooler as one of your carry-on items.

Don’t forget to keep creamy things like hummus or salad dressing in 3.4 OZ container (or smaller).

Don’t forget utensils! And you might want to steer away from any foods that would require a knife, just in case.

Be sure when packing snacks, you’re considerate of your neighbors- nothing extremely messy or smelly (keep the kimchi at home).

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