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The Award Winning 100-Mile Cocktail


100 Mile Cocktail

100 Mile Cocktail

An international contest among mixologists at Four Seasons across the globe, and embodying the Hawaiian value of Lokahi, or unity, led to the creation of a sustainable cocktail that blended ingredients from within a 100 miles from Lāna’i.

This libation, created by Nobu Executive Chef, Oyvind Naesheim and Kailani Restaurant Manager Jeremy Sidman, is a delicious and refreshing concoction that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

From the island of Lāna’i to you, here are the ingredients and process to make this one of a kind island delight:

Key ingredients
#1: Ocean Vodka
38 miles from Lāna’i

#2: The Maui Gold Pineapple
41 miles from Lāna’i

#3: Calamansi from O’ahu
72 miles from Lāna’i

#4: Vanilla from Maui
32 miles from Lāna’i

#5: Lehua 100% raw, certified organic Honey from O’ahu
72 miles from Lāna’i

#6: Ginger from O‘ahu
72 miles from Lāna’i

2 oz. Vodka
11/2 Whole Calamansi Limes Halved
1/2 oz. Lehua Honey Syrup
6 Chunks of Fresh Pineapple
2 1 in. Maui Vanilla Bean (split lengthwise with vanilla beans open)
4 Ginger Pieces Cut Into Matchsticks

Muddle calamansi halves with ginger sticks, vanilla bean and pineapple in a shaker until the pineapple is almost crushed into juice and the vanilla bean is split open. The goal is to extract as much flavor as possible. Pour the Vodka into the glass with the muddled contents and add the honey syrup. Add ice to the ingredients and shake vigorously. Strain into a Martini shaped glass and garnish with dehydrated pineapple on top of the drink. Delicious.

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