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Taking A Pet Dog On The Road

If you’re going on holiday and want to take your pet dog with you, it can be quite a hassle if you’re flying or going by sea. However, if you’re travelling overland in your own vehicle, it’s a lot easier but can still be a handful.

Some common risks are:

  • Carsickness – Keep food down to small meals before you leave. Allow fresh air to flow freely through your car and give your dog a window view.
  • Nerves – A car trip can be stressful for a dog. Get your dog ready by taking it on short trips to the park or beach beforehand.
  • Straying – Make frequent stops along the way but always keep your dog on a leash when you get off. Make sure your pet has adequate identification like a microchip or ID tag and never leave it unattended.
  • Use restraints – Keep your dog restrained while in the car. It keeps the dog from distracting you while driving or from crashing into some part of the car if you brake suddenly. Keep the pet in the back seat to avoid injury from airbags.

The Sitter

If you feel you’re not up to taking your dog with you, you’ll need to arrange for its care while you’re away. A good alternative to boarding your dog in a kennel is house sitting. Find a house sitter to live in your home while you’re on holiday. The sitter will take care of your home, keep it safe and clean, and look after your dog. For your pet, the advantage of house sitting over boarding is that the dog stays at home amid familiar surroundings. This helps the dog feel secure and comfortable even during your absence. The sitter will take care of the dog according to your instructions, feed it the usual food, follow the regular exercise routines and call a vet if an emergency crops up. With a house sitter, you can always check on your dog any time you want to. Best of all, you can often avail of house sitting services for free. Many house sitters take on the job in exchange for free accommodations and a chance to visit new places. Many of these are young people saving up for school, a car or a home. Others are retirees living out a lifelong dream of travelling to different cities. Taking your dog with you on holiday may be ideal. But, if it’s not possible, you may want to consider house sitting as a way to enjoy your vacation and have dependable home care for your dog in the process.


Mel is a travel writer, animal lover, and manager of a house sitting website. For him the ideal way to combine work with travel and also keep the company of animals is by house sitting people with pets. His preferred house sitting website is http://mindahome.com.

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