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Take a European Vacation set for Relaxation!

Take a British Vacation set for relaxation!

With the current gloomy economic climate making finances unpredictable for so many families right now, the idea of a European vacation is becoming more and more rare for many. While most of us will watch the annual “National Lampoon’s European Vacation” on television and laugh, the idea of heading somewhere new and adventurous is enticing. But, the expenses of air travel, passports, visas, inoculations and other stresses of holidaying abroad are stressful. The good thing? Just about everywhere in Britain can be reached within a relatively short time and all parts of the country offer plenty of things to do within easy reach.


Whether it’s heading for the mountains to ‘bag a munro’   the term walkers use to describe reaching a summit  or taking a boat ride on one of the famous lochs, Scotland has plenty of outdoor pursuits to satisfy even the most fussy thrill-seeker. Hikes and treks can be as gentle or as rugged as anyone could wish for, but there’s plenty of indoor activities to enjoy too.

An ancient history featuring warriors, battles and fortified buildings means there are plenty of historic treasures to discover, while boutiques and shopping centers keep the most ardent of shoppers amused.


From the lakes and mountains of Cumbria to the low-lying flatlands of East Anglia, there are some great family days out to be had throughout the length and breadth of England. Adventurous souls could tackle one of the long-distance footpaths and cycle paths that criss-cross the countryside, staying in hostels or even camping overnight to really trim costs. Adrenaline junkies could spend a long weekend at a resort hotel set beside one of England’s theme parks or try a ‘coasteering’ holiday, learning to negotiate the hazards of the shore in a series of canoes, zip wires and harnesses.

For those who want to push the boat out a little further, there are luxurious spa breaks featuring as much or as little exercise as you prefer, or perhaps a themed break where you combine a holiday with an activity such as learning to paint, cook or write.


The Welsh coastline is renowned for its beauty and stunning walks. The Pembrokeshire coast has long been a favorite with families as it offers long sandy beaches, great sand dunes for family picnics and a wealth of castles to visit. Head inland and there are pretty villages and spectacular mountainous scenery. Fit and energetic family members will enjoy climbing Snowdon, the UK’s highest mountain, while the less fit will be thrilled to discover the dedicated railway that will transport them to the summit in style.

 A simplified European Vacation allows you to tailor your travel experience exactly to your budget. No complicated travel arrangements with much more forward planning.


This guest post has been written by British blogger Zoe on behalf of Knowsley Safari Park. Visit us for the safari trip of your lifetime!

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