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6 Outfits You Need When Getting Married

When you’re engaged, finding the perfect white dress is what gets all of the attention. But realistically, there are about 6 outfits a betrothed beauty needs before she makes it to the big day, and even one after the I

The Scoop on Bridal Fashion Week Kickoff

If you’re fans of Health Beauty Life, then you obviously know what Mercedes Benz Fashion week in New York is, and thanks to yesterday’s post, you now know about the one in Australia, but what about Bridal Fashion Week? Because

Wear Your Wedding Dress Beyond the Aisle with Bridal Separates

Former brides know the sting of paying hundreds to thousands of dollars for a dress they’ll never wear again (at least they hopefully won’t wear again- that might be weird). So future brides, heed their warnings and check out Aideux.