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5 Upsetting Facts About Wearing Flats

Remember when you read this article and realized heels aren’t good for your health? So you started wearing flats, and figured all was well, right? Wrong. Well, sort of. Follow the link below to read 5 upsetting facts you never

Do You Wear Heels? 7 Things You Need To Know

We’re not going to insult you and ask if you wear high heels—of course you do, fashion girl. We will, however, briefly insult your intelligence on the effects of this sky-high footwear choice. Wearing heels isn’t the best for your

8 Secrets for Wearing Heels Comfortably All Day Long

If it weren’t for the sheer discomfort, we bet most woman would be sporting heels 24/7. They’re sexy, they elongate your frame, and add an air of confidence. Win, win, and win. But back to the pain. Is there anything