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Can You Become A Morning Person?

No two people are the same – while some effortlessly hop out of bed at 6AM with a smile on their face like in the commercials, others hit snooze a dozen times and it takes everything they have to drag

This Is Why You’re Always Tired (Science Says So)

Hitting snooze. Guzzling coffee. Taking naps. Checking to see if there are bricks attached to your shoes or if you’re really that low on energy. If you’re doing any of those things, you aren’t alone.  A Center for Disease Control

Ayurveda for Energy: How to Beat the Afternoon Slump

Ah, the dreaded afternoon slump. Although it might seem like a mysterious phenomenon that no one can escape, it actually is avoidable. One way is through Ayurveda techniques (if you’re unfamiliar with the term, read this). So if you’re tired