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The Top Asian Beauty Bloggers You Should Already Know

You don’t have to say it- we already know how long overdue this article is. Asia pretty much rules the beauty roost, and rightfully so. From essence to cushion compacts to their many skincare secrets, they got it goin’ on.

Facebook’s New Integrated Shopping Feature

Pinterest and Instagram both implemented a shopping app, so you knew it was only a matter of time before this happened: last week in a Buzzfeed report, Facebook confirmed the development of an integrated shopping function.  Currently being tested by

The 10 Best Beauty Instagrams of the Week

If your stalking game wasn’t on-point this past week, no worries. You know ours always is, and we have your back. The ten best beauty Instagrams of the week are waiting behind the link below. They’ll leave you wishing you

The Crazy Way Fashion Bloggers Edit Their Instagrams

If you feel like your Instagram feed looks like a drunk toddler’s next to that of a top fashion blogger’s, you’re not alone. Sure they naturally have good style, they receive free (and totally amazing) clothes and products to photograph,

5 Reasons To Follow Style Blogger Irene Kim on Instagram

The world keeps a close eye on Korean skincare, so close that Estée Lauder has revealed they’ve selected style blogger Irene Kim as their new global beauty contributor. This Korean makeup maven, Fashion week darling, and rising YouTube star has

Get Better Instagram Pics With This New Fashion Algorithm

Admit it- you follow more fashion bloggers on Instagram than you do friends. And even if you aren’t a fashion blogger yourself, also admit that you often go to extremes to get a good photo (good meaning maximum likes). …Did
45 Celebrity Throwback Snaps You’ll Love

45 Celebrity Throwback Snaps You’ll Love

Who doesn’t look a good #TBT post? Vintage snapshots of diapers and prom dates and bad haircuts make for a bittersweet, and often hilarious post. Even celebs join in on the fun. From high school Taylor Swift to baby John

Instagram Announces New Shopping Button Feature

You’re probably already familiar with third party apps that allow you to follow shopping links outside of Instagram (like LiketoKnow.it). But brace yourself, because Instagarm is kicking it up a notch and jumping into the world of internal mobile shopping.

17 Desi Beauty Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

If you haven’t already noticed, we love helping you with your Instagram game. From finding people to follow- fashion designers, models with personality, makeup artists- to praising celebs for flaunting their flaws via Insta to poking fun at cliche Insta photos.
The Best Celebrity Memorial Day Instagrams

The Best Celebrity Memorial Day Instagrams

Who had a better time than you this Memorial Day weekend? Celebs, of course. Sigh. And some of them offered fantastic photo proof of this on their Instagram accounts. Follow the link below to see how stars, models and fashion

How to Take a Selfie, by Alexa Chung, Kate Upton, and More

Be honest- considering how many selfies you’ve taken in your lifetime (whether you shared them on Instagram or not), you’re pretty much a pro by now. But if you could get some selfie-taking advice from the likes of Alexa Chung,

Instagram: 10 Best Fashion Moments of the Week

Soooo, our obsession with Instagram…is it obvious yet? We stalk makeup artists, celebrities and their flaws, fashion designers, etc. We spend so much time on this SM app we can even name the 8 most cliche Instagram photos. Yeah, it’s

Top 10 Instagram Fashion Moments of the Week

The week might have to end, but a fashionable Instagram photo lasts forever, and this week was chockfull of them. Last weekend’s colorful Coachella images are still flooding Instagram (from Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio to Drake to FKA Twigs),

7 Aussies to Follow Through Australia’s Fashion Week

In case you never knew this was a thing, it’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. That’s right, Sydney is experiencing a flurry of awesome-Aussie fashion as we speak. Since we love keeping you up on the best social accounts to follow

Must-Follow Fashion Designer Instagrams

Thanks to Instagram, there is now a behind the scene’s scene of fashion. For those of us who have always been curious about what happens backstage at runway shows, Instagram allows us die-hard fashion fiends the opportunity to creep even
The Happy House Home Tour

The Happy House Home Tour

Welcome to the “Happy House” {this is how we call our home}, a bright and clear space that contains all our favorite objects and memories, always open for friends and families to visit. I have a style that is possible to
10 Ways to Love Yourself

10 Ways to Love Yourself

So often do we get wrapped up in our lives that we forget one little thing… ourselves. Taking yourself for granted can lead to more stress or health problems. Make time this week or at least once a week to

Top of Your World Blog

Welcome to the Top of Your World! Become inspired with unique imagery, trends and tips from Pinterest, guest bloggers and websites from around the world. Receive the BEST of the best of information to help you lead the wonderful life you

This Famous Instagram Model Is Quitting Social Media, Here’s Why

If you’re both a fashion and social media lover, chances are you’re one of the half a million followers of Essena O’Neill, er, you were, rather. The successful model announced yesterday she’s quitting social media, with a super powerful message