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5 Secrets For Getting S*** Done From Killer Entrepreneurs

5 Secrets For Getting S*** Done From Killer Entrepreneurs
What do you get when you put a ton of young entrepreneurs, artists, and activists together on a boat? The Summit at Sea – the coolest, weirdest, most off-the-grid leadership conference that takes place aboard a cruise ship, and draws

Top Five Friday - June 26th

Bustle with some health and wellness tips to survive your 20s…yes, please. Obsessed with this look by Stephanie from TheStyleBungalow. Fan of coconut oil? Well click here for your guide to EVERYTHING coconut. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, ClementineDaily.com

6 Ways to Put Your Body Confidence Gremlins to Bed

With its bathing suits and shorty shorts, summer tends to be the season of calling into question your body confidence. And while we are making strides in some areas to start changing the ridiculous standards of beauty, we are ridiculously

25 Famous Women Share Their Best Advice

No matter how together you think you have it, a little advice never hurts. And this week on the Cut, they’re talking all about it- the good, the bad, the weird, and the advice you wish you’d taken. So follow
Top Five Friday – June 12th

Top Five Friday - June 12th

Cutest romper we’ve seen all week: chic, super versatile, and well-priced. Via Azalea. Because it’s about time you found something chic to do with those empty liquor bottles… A photo posted by P.S.- I made this… (@psimadethis) on May 28,

5 Life Changing TED Talks Every Woman Should See

It’s always the right time for a little life inspiration, and where better to get it than a TED Talk? This non-profit organization is dedicated to offering fresh perspectives on some of the hottest and of-the-moment topics, and with over

8 Uplifting, Confidence-Boosting Yogis to Follow

Be honest, your Instagram feed if full of Kim Kardashian’s selfies (and other Instagram cliches) and your old next door neighbor’s dog. Well don’t you think it’s time to add some positivity in there? Take some female yogis, for example. Theres a

Top Five Friday - May 8th

Brit Co. shares 10 lazy girl hairstyles for chic vacation hair…you had us at lazy. Think you want to work remotely? Here are 14 remote career options. Toast is a classic that only gets better with ideas like these: 6