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Sandra Bullock on Sexism and Women’s Looks in Hollywood

Sandra Bullock was named People’s most beautiful woman in the world this year, naturally so. But what we love most about Sandy isn’t her outer beauty, it’s her inner beauty, smarts, and heart; which if you didn’t already know she

6 Ways to Put Your Body Confidence Gremlins to Bed

With its bathing suits and shorty shorts, summer tends to be the season of calling into question your body confidence. And while we are making strides in some areas to start changing the ridiculous standards of beauty, we are ridiculously

25 Famous Women Share Their Best Advice

No matter how together you think you have it, a little advice never hurts. And this week on the Cut, they’re talking all about it- the good, the bad, the weird, and the advice you wish you’d taken. So follow

Top Five Friday - June 5th

A Pair and a Spare shows you how to make the cutest DIY wooden bead clothes rack. A recipe for strawberry white chocolate popsicles…with vodka. Yeah. These 16 DIY bracelets will keep you busy all summer long. Found on StyleList.com,
20 Times Celebrities Nailed Graduation Speeches

20 Times Celebrities Nailed Graduation Speeches

Graduation speeches aren’t just for graduates- they’re inspirational no matter what stage of life you’re in. And leave it to celebs to give the best speeches EVER. From Will Ferrell channeling Frank the Tank to Natalie Portman’s honest speech about

11 Amazing Women Changing Beauty and Fashion Industry

We love that the media is finally beginning to embrace an expanding definition of beauty. Gapped teeth can’t hold you back, neither can curves, chronic skin diseases, or being transgender. So follow the link below to see 10 amazing women who

7 Richest Self-Made Women in the Fashion Industry

Who doesn’t love a self-made-anybody. Especially a self-made woman, who tends to face a few more obstacles on her journey than her male counterparts. Forbes loves these powerful females too, so they released their first-ever list of the top 50

5 Life Changing TED Talks Every Woman Should See

It’s always the right time for a little life inspiration, and where better to get it than a TED Talk? This non-profit organization is dedicated to offering fresh perspectives on some of the hottest and of-the-moment topics, and with over
Melissa McCarthy Shares the 10 Women Who Changed Her Life

Melissa McCarthy Shares the 10 Women Who Changed Her Life

Each month, Glamour magazine asks one woman who made them them. This May, it’s funny woman Melissa McCarthy’s turn to get real. Follow the link below where she names off her dream team of 10 inspirational women she looks up

Watch Real Women Share The Best Lessons from Mom

If you’re trying to get your Mother’s Day tears on, this video ought to do it- real women share the most important lessons their mothers taught them. Give it a watch, try to think of the most important thing your
Emma Watson’s Most Inspiring Quotes

Emma Watson’s Most Inspiring Quotes

It’s possible you know Emma Watson from that tiny little movie series Harry Potter (kidding, of course), but this Brit-beauty is making another notable name for herself in the world of women’s rights. Proving that her beauty is backed by