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Outfit-Elevating Spring Sandals At Every Budget

Outfit-Elevating Spring Sandals At Every Budget
When it comes to sandals in Spring 2016, pretty much the crazier and more colorful the better. The best part about this trend? It can transform an otherwise mediocre outfit into something magical. Proof: follow the link below to see

Hate Wearing Heels? 8 Going-Out Looks You’ll Love

Heels are a confidence booster and body lengthener, but some of you badass babes don’t need the boost – literally, or figuratively. So for those of you who’d rather be comfortable, but still want to look chic, we feel you.

What Wearing Heels Everyday For A Week Does To Your Confidence

There’s no denying the confidence boost that comes from slapping on a pair of heels. The added height and slimming effect supplies us with a boost in power, even if it’s just in our heads. Writer Nicole Kliest knows this,

NYC Girls Reveal The Best Shoes For A Night Out

When picking out which shoes to wear, just about as important as making sure it goes with the rest of your outfit is making sure it’s something you’re going to be able to walk and/or dance around in all night.

Do You Wear Heels? 7 Things You Need To Know

We’re not going to insult you and ask if you wear high heels—of course you do, fashion girl. We will, however, briefly insult your intelligence on the effects of this sky-high footwear choice. Wearing heels isn’t the best for your

These Game-Changing Heels Convert From High To Low And Back Again

Whoa. A serious game-changer just entered the shoe game. Parisian designer Tanya Heath has created a shoe with interchangeable heels that come at a variety of widths and heights…yeah, we know! Follow the link below to read more about this

6 Tricks To Make Your Shoes Last Twice As Long

Who doesn’t want to get the most out of their money? Someone with too much money, that’s who. Unfortunately, that’s not us. And one of smartest ways for a fashion girl to save money is to take care of her

13 Bizarrely Fun Facts You Never Knew About Shoes

We bet you have dozens of pairs of shoes in your closet right now, but how much do you really know about your footwear? Who What Wear recently stumbled upon some strange and interesting shoe trivia that’s too fun not

The Shoe Style That Goes With Every Outfit Imaginable

A pair of shoes that goes with pretty much everything in your closet—from jeans to skirts to dresses—might sound too good to be true, but it’s not. This magical, versatile style exists, and every woman should invest in a pair.

8 Secrets for Wearing Heels Comfortably All Day Long

If it weren’t for the sheer discomfort, we bet most woman would be sporting heels 24/7. They’re sexy, they elongate your frame, and add an air of confidence. Win, win, and win. But back to the pain. Is there anything

Heels or Flats? Here’s The Way French Girls Decide

Another French girl fashion tip has come rolling in! Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Emily Schuman recently posted about a French rule of thumb from one of her Parisian readers that’s too good not to share. Following the link below to see
The Trick To Walking In Heels Without Pain

The Trick To Walking In Heels Without Pain

Imagine making it through a day in heels with no pain. You can’t do it, can you? It seems too unreal. Well Shoe expert and Shoe Are You? author Meghan Cleary swears she has the answer: running your feet under

All Of The “It” Shoes Seen At New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is a non-stop, jam-packed week of running from one chic event to the next. So we’re spotlighting the very thing that make that possible: the shoes. Which dreamy styles were gracing the soles of the world’s

Caitlyn Jenner Brings Back the Slingback—7 Styles to Try Now

Up until this year, when you were binge watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we bet the last person on the show you thought you’d take style advice from was dear old dad, Caitlyn Jenner. But alas, here we are.

10 Pairs of Going-Out Heels For Under $100

So your overpriced cocktail dress left you with a meager budget to find the perfect heels to accompany it? No problem. Finding killer going-out heels on a budget isn’t nearly as difficult as you’d think it would be. Follow the

Have Rocket Scientists Created A Comfortable High Heel?

How many times have you heard a woman say (in so many words) “we can send someone to the moon, but we can’t design a comfortable high heel?” Well, that conumdrum has finally been addressed by Dolly Singh, founder of

Bad News: Your High Heels Are Damaging Your Body

Bad new, ladies. It doesn’t matter how comfortable you think your heels are, or how skilled you are at walking in them, it turns out they’re still wrecking havoc on your body. And all it takes is wearing them 3

How to Wear Ballet Flats Like a Cool Girl

Ballet flats kind of have the “aww, cute” effect, so when you’re trying to feel “aww, cool,” you usually opt for something else. But c’mon, your feet need a break from heels and wedges every so often, meaning it’s time
Blazers: Why they “Work”

Blazers: Why they “Work”

A chic fitted blazer can tie a whole outfit together. The great advantage of having one or two solid colored blazers is the fact that it is a staple piece for your closet. Blazers at Work: Wear a blazer to