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TV Anchor Trish Regan Talks Camera-Ready Beauty

Of the many words that could be used to describe Trish Regan, charming comes to mind first. With years spent covering some of the nation’s biggest stories as an anchor she’s learned to navigate the tough waters of television -

100+ Drugstore Beauty Finds Under $10

We’re not shy about our love for drugstore beauty products. We grew up on these babies, many which have reached iconic status (but not our Dr. Pepper Bonne Belle Lip Smacker, unfortunately). The other reason we love these products? Saving

50 Iconic Drugstore Beauty Products

Unless you had the coolest, chicest mom on the planet, your intro to the world of beauty probably didn’t start at the Chanel counter, but rather you spent your preteens perusing the drugstore beauty aisles. From Neutrogena to Sally Hansen