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A DIY Sea Salt Spray for Sexy Beach Waves

Hanging seaside isn’t just good for the soul, it’s good for the hair. Well not literally, because the sun and salt can take a toll on the healthy of your hair if exposed to it everyday, but you know what

Inside the Fascinating Beauty Routine of Modern Geishas

A geishas biggest allure is their mystery. And though their first emergence was in Japan in the 1800s, meaning you probably thought they only exist in textbooks, there are still thousands of practicing geishas in the Japanese town of Kyoto.

9 Amazing Hair Products In Your Fridge Now

Healthy, shiny, strong hair is waiting for you in the next room… your kitchen, to be exact. There are plenty of foods products in your fridge that can be just as beneficial for your locks than a $50 store-bought deep

Top Five Friday - June 19th

The 7 best natural and homemade makeup switches at HelloNatural. Makeup artist Paolo Ballesteros transforms himself into 6 of the Kardashian ladies and it is seriously spot on. See the rest here. No weekend plans? How about you DIY this

17 Ways to Use a Potato as a Beauty Product

Beauty uses for… Corn starch? Check. Baking soda? Check. Potatoes? Coming right up… You know we love our kitchen beauty hacks, but this next is one you probably never saw coming- potatoes. Rich in vitamins B and C, known to

Try This: A DIY Web Cam Makeup and Hair Service

What technology has done for the big wide world of beauty is remarkable. Proof? From the comfort of your own home, you can now go one-on-one with a beauty pro via webcam who will walk you through the hair or

12 Beauty Uses for Baking Soda (and 1 to Never Try)

You already know we’re quite fond of “kitchen beauty.” The proof is in this DIY blackhead scrub, this coffee and coconut body scrub, or this article about how to use cornstarch in your beauty your beauty routine. Not only does

7 Genius Ways to Use Castile Soap in Your Beauty Routine

There are certain products whose versatility means you should always have them on hand. Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are two such products that get a ton of media attention, but hiding in the corner is castile soap. It
7 Ways to Use Cornstarch in Your Beauty Routine

7 Ways to Use Cornstarch in Your Beauty Routine

Cornstarch is one of those kitchen items you don’t ever remember buying, you literally never use it, but it’s always there, collecting dust on the back of a shelf. So go dig it out, because it’s time for more kitchen
Blackheads Be Gone: 3-Ingredient DIY Scrub

Blackheads Be Gone: 3-Ingredient DIY Scrub

  Pore strips are effective, and seeing the results on blackheads-past can be disgustingly fun, but let’s be honest- ripping it off of your face can be a little painful. So why not take matters into your own hands with

Top Five Friday - April 24th

Hello Natural shares 15 ways to make a face mask from the fridge. Ainsley and Sebastien’s not-so-typical wedding photo series. Judith at SpektorsNails.com’s watercolor nail tutorial is EVERYTHING to us right now. Stay ahead of the curve…9 new bands everyone